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InstaSize is a powerful photo editing application that allows you to post photos directly to Instagram , works on most Android devices and is completely free.

InstaSize for Android is the simplest and fastest way to upload all photo collections to Instagram without cropping. This is a photo editing tool designed to ensure that your photos are fully displayed on Instagram. It does this by adding a background color behind the image, creating a patch image or adjusting the image through a more skilful crop feature. The result is more complete than automatically cropped photos.

To get started, you need to select photos to use with this application. Either take a new photo using the camera app or choose a photo from the gallery. Next, you can add different types of background colors, drop it into a patched interface or add other images to the structure. However, there are no other editing options to resize or crop the image beyond the basic options.

Latest features of photo editing application InstaSize for Android:

  • Refresh all filters. Add filters Athens, Waves and Oak.
  • Additional wood borders and flower borders.
  • Additional stamps theme Zodiac and love.

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Features of photo editing application InstaSize for Android

  • Edit photos like a pro with powerful free filters.
  • Download cute and funny stickers and stamps.
  • Adjust saturation, photo color, convert photos to hotter or colder colors …
  • Adjust brightness, contrast, gloss and Highlight.
  • Add text to photos simply.
  • Get creative with unique photo frames, overlays and backgrounds.
  • Increase the focus for photos with Vignette effect.
  • Share photos easily to Instagram, Twitter , Facebook , WhatsApp and Email.
  • Save images in high resolution.

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