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Instant Collage Maker for Android is a beautiful and free collage maker app for Android devices.

Instant Collage Maker is a simple and funny photo collage tool that supports combining multiple photos together and creating attractive collages and sharing with friends, family and colleagues.

With Instant Collage Maker, users can create their own photo book or space with a professionally edited photo series.

This is one of the best photo tools we’ve ever seen, turning individual photos into attractive works of art and decoration.

Instant Collage Maker allows easy, instant online photo sharing via Gmail, Google+, Picasa, Instagram, Snapseed, Flickr, Yahoo Mail, Dropbox, Twitter, Digg, Whatsapp, Pinterest …

Key features of the application:

  • Choose an unlimited number of photos from your photo library or live camera or create instant collages.
  • Edit photos in portrait or landscape canvas mode to see instant effects.
  • Adjust color, density, contrast and brightness.
  • Many frames collage.
  • Smooth photo effects.
  • Easily adjust and share photos.
  • Photo editing in the gallery.
  • Save images in JPEG or PNG format.
  • Touch and zoom interface.
  • Choose border, style …
  • Save the collage photo.

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