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InSelfie is a great selfie app thanks to its beautiful filters, unique photo effects and powerful editing capabilities. Create perfect beautiful photos and show everyone your true beauty.

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Take stunning selfies with InSelfie

If you are a selfie enthusiast, want to capture the best moments of your life on your own, download and use InSelfie for Android . This is a photo editor designed specifically for selfies, for you to create the best selfies using the front camera.

With InSelfie ‘s powerful editing functions, users can beautify their skin, rebuild faces, remove acne, remove wrinkles, change skin color, make big eyes, remove puffiness, change hair color and more. Another ability to exude beauty. You can even create curves for your body by making your chest big, slim waist, curved buttocks or helping you look really strong and muscular.

Besides, InSelfie is also equipped with basic editing functions such as cropping the image to the desired size, rotating the image, adding text and colors …

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Powerful beauty camera, funny animated sticker

The app has a wealth of filters that can be applied in real time to users who create specific nuances to the image. In addition, more than 100 funny stickers, cute emoticons and vivid image effects, diverse to add to photos, make selfie photos perfect, funny and unique.

In particular, InSelfie has Big Camera feature to enlarge any object in the image, making it more prominent. This function is similar to the Magnifier feature on iOS.

Create beautiful photos with InSelfie quickly, simply and share your artwork on Instagram or Facebook to show off to your friends right now!

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Change hair color style

Salient features of InSelfie photography application for Android

  • Perfect selfie.
  • Live selfie filters: A variety of real-time skin beauty filters.
  • Features Big Camera body enlarges the object, the character in the image makes it bigger and more prominent.
  • More than 100 funny stickers and cute emoticons.
  • More than 10 collages, offering a great selfie experience.
  • Powerful editor including cut, adjust, rotate, add text.
  • Correct parts of the body such as helping the body look slimmer, or stronger with muscular muscles.
  • Nice photo effects.

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