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Ingress Prime for Android is a fascinating action adventure game, released for free on the Play Store . Ingress Prime for Android takes you into a sci-fi world with many thrilling missions.

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Welcome to the world of Ingress, Agent. The fate of this universe, possibly of another planet, depends on you. The discovery of XM, a secret resource of unknown origin, has sparked an underground war between two distinct factions. The advanced XM technologies have completely changed the Ingress Scanner and are waiting for you to join this battle.

Choose the side you want to belong to and partner with your teammates to keep the land, share resources and explore this strange world.

The main feature of the action game Ingress Prime for Android

Your playground is the whole world

Explore the world around you and interact with culturally significant venues like public artworks, landmarks and monuments to collect valuable resources with your Ingress Scanner.

Choose factions

Fight for the side you believe in. Exploiting the power of XM to develop humankind and discover our true mission with The Enlightened or protect people from enemy forces invaded the mind with The Resistance.

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The Enlightened seeks to harness the power of Exotic Matter to take human life to new heights.

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The Resistance against forces that want to use Exotic Matter to enslave humanity.

Fight for control

Dominate the lands by linking Portal – Portal and creating Control Field – The control area to bring victory to your side in the Android Ingress Prime game .

Work together

Tactics and chat with allies nearby and around the world when you experience the interactive Ingress Prime interactive adventure game for Android.

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Note : Ingress Prime players for Android must be over 13 years old (for residents outside the European Economic Area) or over 16 years to be able to agree to deal with personal data processing in the area they are living. .

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