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iCá for Android 17179 is the first online shooting game to support 4 players at the same time, with beautiful graphics and unique effects, providing an extremely interesting shooting fish experience. Game iCá supports all 3 most popular mobile platforms today: Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

The main feature of the game shooting fish online iCá for Android

Mission system:

The daily quest system in the game is relatively easy, just shoot enough fish that require you to receive lots of experience points and gold.

Weapon system:

Guns are the only weapon in the game iCá for players to assert their strength. There are 6 different types of guns: Bullet Gun 1, 2, 4, 8, 15 and 30. The stronger the gun, the more large fish a player can catch, but it will cost more bullets for one shot. Please select the type of them accordingly to target the type of fish you want without using bullets.

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Types of fish and mermaids:

Each type of fish will give players a different amount of gold and experience points. iFish supports 18 types of fish and 4 mermaids:

  • There are 11 different types of fish: ray, nemo, plaice, flying fish, flashlight, goldfish, schoolchildren, octopus, lantern fish, starfish, sea turtles …
  • 4 beautiful mermaids: Gold mermaid, red mermaid, student mermaid, mermaid pink.

Free shot:

Free Fish Shot feature helps players to enjoy the sight of the colorful fishes regardless of the time. After catching the fish will receive experience points and gold corresponding to each type of fish. The stronger the gun, the bigger the fish.


Challenge feature helps players unleash participation in intense battles, this feature provides an extremely compelling opportunity to find the best fish shooter. Each player will be granted 500 bullets and have 90s to show their talents and experience at the bet of 100 gold or 1,000 gold. The bet of 100 gold for accounts under 8,000 gold, and the bet of 1,000 gold for accounts above 8,000 gold. Take the highest score to become the winner!

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Hunt boss:

Golden dragon boss helps players earn a lot of bonuses, worth the effort. Join the boss now!

Make friend:

The more you have the more people racing top, beat Boss with you. For every successful friend you will receive 40 gold, up to 10 friendships per day. In addition, you can also give and receive 10 gold from your friends.

Sell gold to you:

The Gold Sell to You feature allows players to help their friends through an unlimited gold transfer system. In this latest version, the OTP code is not needed and it is still able to transfer gold freely.

When you start playing, you will receive a gift of 1,000 gold startup. iFish has more than 18 different types of fish and 4 beautiful mermaids under the watchful eye of 4 marksmen. You will be provided with 6 cannons used to shoot fish, when capturing a fish you will receive a certain amount of gold. Each type of fish will carry a different kind of treasure, the more fish it shoots, the more coins and quickly level up. If you have ever played Shoot fish eat coins , probably not new to how to play this game.

The mission system is extremely rich, helping you get a lot of free gold, the task will be refreshed at 0 hours, 12 hours and 18 hours daily so the gunner pay attention to perform the task of earning gold. .

Best you should log into the game through your Facebook account, Zalo to protect your data. At the same time, every time you invite 1 you will receive 40 gold, so be hard to make friends and log in daily to collect a lot of gold without spending time shooting fish offline.

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New points in the game iCá – Shoot fish Online

iCá – Odd version of Crab

Brand new interface:

In this new update, the game interface is completely changed from images to tools used. Typically, the stock is completely replaced, the button system looks more beautiful. The image of Puffer traveling summer around the world, with the beautiful Eiffel Tower of France or the typical pizza of Italy will appeal to players at first sight.

Unusual Crab Launch:

Has super cute appearance, impressive from the moment it creates a sense of humor for the player. Crab appears only when there are 2 or more players, the more people participating in the shoot, the easier it is to eat Crab. The amount of gold will be accumulated on the Crab’s shell after each level (Money = bullet x coefficient). After the Golden Crab dies, it will be divided among all 4 players according to each player’s hit rate.

iCá for Android

  • Starfish gun 120: Only an account with more than 8,000 gold can own a starfish gun. This gun has a very high hit rate.
  • Upgrade photo sharing feature: Give more gold when sharing, cute images collection of special Pho and Ngoc Thao.
  • Update new interface, new background music to welcome Mid-Autumn Festival.
  • A few minor tweaks make the game experience better.

With beautiful graphics and funny sounds, suitable for all ages, help you unleash playing shooting fish game anytime, anywhere. So, quickly download iCá for Android to hunt lots of big fish to show off to friends!

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