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You are humanity’s last hope! Become a savior and save the world from collapse in the Hundred Soul action game for Android !

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Hundred Soul is a prominent third-person action game with graphics developed by Unity technology, reminiscent of PC TERA game. Similarly, systematically, the game has a lot in common with the latest installments of the Dragon Nest series.

In Hundred Soul for Android , the player’s task is to wander in small areas of a large world to defeat the creatures they meet on the road (usually 3 waves). To deal with enemies, you will be equipped with special abilities and use aids in combat.

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The Hundred Soul game also has loads of varied content, such as completing quests in Story mode, participating in special events, forming guilds, competing with other players in the arena and Do a multitude of other daily tasks – all of these activities will draw you into this beautiful fantasy world.

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Download game Hundred Soul for Android

Hundred Soul Android is an MMO game that combines outstanding role- playing with impressive guillotine play, where players can engage in action-packed battles in real time. Get ready to fight all sorts of weird creatures in fast-paced but equally dramatic missions!

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In the Hundred Soul game , players need to defeat 3 groups of enemies scattered around a vast world. You will meet large armies of monsters and have to devise clever tactics to defeat them as quickly as possible without using too much energy. Hundred Soul possesses amazing graphics system because the game uses Unreal Engine technology.

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By completing each level, gamers can improve their team of heroes and receive new help to overcome increasingly difficult challenges, including AI-controlled characters – who will Automatically fight by your side.

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Outstanding features of the game Hundred Soul for Android

  • Your choice will determine the actions of the warrior – Enjoy Hundred Soul for Android with thrilling and epic battles.
  • Choose your weapon – Try different types of combat, using up to 100 diverse weapons and equipment.
  • Search for your teammates in the battlefield – each of them has different skills and counterattack for specific situations.
  • Demonstrate situational skills – The best way to overcome dangerous situations is to use your situation control skills.
  • Time to decide the action – Pay attention to the time and do not miss the time to decide the counter attack.
  • The dynamics of enemies determine the action – Observe the behavior of monsters, find an opportunity and cause damage to your enemies.
  • Experience the world of Hundred Soul game with detailed, sophisticated graphics, subtle character movements and impressive action effects.
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Overall, Hundred Soul is a great MMO game for Android devices with great graphics, making you feel like playing a video game on the console.


Access rights

The Hundred Soul Android Game needs access to:

  • Photos / Media / Files: Save files to run games, watch videos and take screenshots.
  • Phone: To use AppGuard to protect your phone.
  • Contacts: Access contacts to look up account information, support for logging in.
  • Audio: Required to run video in the game.

You cannot play the game without accepting the above permissions.

Uninstall access

Users can revoke permissions in the following way:

  • For Android devices 6.0 and above: Settings (Settings)> Applications (Application)> Select Applications (Select App)> Permissions (Permissions)> Turn off permissions (Turn permission off).
  • For Android 6.0 devices: Uninstall apps or upgrade the Android version to turn off permissions.

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