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HumanKind: The Awakening is a fantasy-style card strategy game, available for free on Steam for Windows XP and above.

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In HumanKind game: The Awakening, players will participate in the battlefield of 4 parties, fighting for the future of humanity. You can choose the alliance and fight according to your own strategy. Battles are classic, highly competitive and innovative game modes. The collection of hundreds of cards corresponding to super-strong warriors will help you realize your strategy.

Download HumanKind: The Awakening for Windows 2

Main features of HumanKind game: The Awakening

Multiplayer strategy game

HumanKind: The Awakening for Windows has many Multiplayer game modes to test your skills as well as your teammates. You can choose traditional, antagonistic, tournament or event fighting with many different levels.

Customize deck

Enhance the features of the selected faction to the maximum through the Deck Creator tool, allowing you to take advantage of the creativity of the classic cards. When combining different cards, you will create a new deck of cards that is many times stronger.

Download HumanKind: The Awakening for Windows 3

Tournaments and events

Join a tournament or a time-limited event organized by the community. Winning gives you a prize to enhance your gaming skills.

Market buying and selling cards

Do you have extra cards or want to upgrade the deck with a few strong cards but can’t find them in the supplement packs? Don’t worry, visit card market in HumanKind game: The Awakening to exchange with other players.

Download HumanKind: The Awakening for Windows 4

HumanKind player community: The Awakening

Follow social networks or join Discord to join HumanKind game world: The Awakening – where you can learn new tactics, share your own experiences and make friends with people with similar interests.
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