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Hill Climb Racing 2 for Android 1.27.4 is the sequel to the extremely attractive hill racing game . In the game, you will continue to accompany Newton Bill, drive a variety of vehicles and conquer the high hills with many other players.

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Customize your driver for cool

After the great success of the first version, Hill Climb Racing , the developer Fingersoft continues to launch the second version called Hill Climb Racing 2 with significant changes, promising to bring gamers the experience. Great experience and much more fun.

Video introduction game Hill Climb Racing 2 for Android

Newton Bill, a racing enthusiast, is back. After the challenge of driving alone through the high hills in the first part, Bill is now ready to challenge the whole world in the crazy multiplayer Hill Climb Racing 2 world.

In part 2, Bill will face new challenges in many new environments and many different vehicles. Defeat opponents and collect huge bonuses to upgrade your car and rise to a higher position on the leaderboards.

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Show your superior driving skills through different tournaments

Hill Climb Racing 2 retains the gameplay in accordance with the laws of physics. Bill will not rest until he defeats all his opponents on the highest hills.

Of course, you can still give Bill a break and relax a bit to conquer the next hills. So you can escape the crowded screen and let Bill drive through the hills just like in the first version, without an Internet connection.

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Challenge riders around the world

Outstanding features of the game Hill Climb Racing 2 for Android

  • Many different vehicles with unique adjustment options.
  • Adjustable parts include engine, suspension, tires and 4 wheels.
  • Many environments with achievements.
  • Strongly improved graphics and smooth physical simulations.
  • Designed so gamers can still look good on low-resolution devices.
  • Challenges.
  • Daily mission.
  • Boss races.
  • Players have the opportunity to drive a variety of vehicles including jeeps, supercars, scooters, motorcycles, sports cars, monster trucks, diesel cars, tanks.

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“Life” for your driver more powerful and bunkers

This game is free for gamers to download and experience but there are some in-app purchase packages that require players to buy with real money if they want to use.

Developers are always interested in feedback from users and endeavor to create vehicles, record trophies and fix any problems reported. So, if you have any questions or suggestions, please send them to the developer at [email protected] and include your device information.

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Win and receive valuable rewards

New feature

For version 1.3.1

  • Fixed difficult boss Platinum errors.
  • Overcoming the adventure missions is not good.
  • Fix problems in city environment.
  • Fix crashes when watching videos.

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Become the number 1 racer in the world

For version 1.3.0

  • The race track with the Boss
  • Challenges
  • Daily adventure missions.
  • Add new vehicles: Tanks.
  • Add new adventure tracks in the winter.
  • Add 2 new achievement cups.
  • Customize the previous route.
  • Make many small improvements.

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