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Hien Vien Mobile for Android is the first 3D role-playing game released by Gamota. The Mobile Game for Android is adapted from the Chinese blockbuster TV series of the same name promising to be extremely attractive. Download game Hien Vien Mobile for Android to start coming to the bloody but also fun Gypsy war.

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Salient features of Hien Vien Mobile for Android

  • 4 special factions: Cuong Dao, Linh Su, Diep Vu and Du Hiep.
  • Diverse skill system, in addition to sectarian skill, also has passive skill and fairy skill.
  • More than 40 types of mounts, wings, external makeup: Diverse fashion styles, super cool virtual series. You will be able to ride a dragon, ride a car or take a flying astronaut with beauties until riding a cute panda walking around the map.
  • Experience the classic features of the role-playing game series: Hunting bosses to pick up fortunes will bring you a series of super rare equipment, equipment enhancements, gem inlays, equipment training and soul fostering, etc.
  • Attractive activities all week. Monday to Friday: Cross-server training, Pair all server players, and other server players to challenge. Tuesday, 5 and 7: Desert Survival: The war of survival, who will be the last survivors. Saturday: State Chess Fight: Fight, dominate the state flag together to receive the honor.
  • Open every day: Nam Minh Thien Tri – Inter-server battle battle to receive equipment from Beast.
    Demon King of the Cross and Xi Jinping: Open daily with loads of super cool pages waiting.
  • Pk challenge Boss: The power to determine your talent.
  • Flaming Pk: Pk free, unlimited, Diverse inter-server battlefield, Inter-School Arena Training server – 1000vs1000 fight, PK fights, fighting bosses Phuong Phuong.
  • Free Trading: Hack the boss to pick up the unlocked items, Unlimited Market, Free Pricing, Free Trading, Gold Plowing to VIP.
  • Attractive community: Diverse guild activities, Warring States – State flag battles, More dedication – the bigger the bounty.
  • Unique appearance: Diverse appearance styles, free appearance from missions and reincarnation, Virtualization of mounts and wings, Rich unique looks, stylish styling mix.
  • Automatically do tasks, automatically beat monsters and automatically find their way.
  • Unique graphics, unlimited maps, groundbreaking 360-degree viewing angle limit.
  • Pk no lag no shock, play long no hot and suitable on all phones.

From the beginning of 2019 until now, the role-playing games for mobile have been Vietnamized a lot like: Vo Ba Thien Ha , Than Khuc Mobile , etc. However, finding a really qualified name is not easy, most. These games are not attractive enough for gamers. Therefore, the presence of Hien Vien Mobile for Android is a great expectation for a major publisher like Gamota .

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As we know the MMORPG series can be considered the king of the series in Vietnam, the attraction of this series has never decreased. The themes of Three Kingdoms , Tien Hiep , etc. are thoroughly exploited through each released game and Hien Vien Mobile for Android with the expectation that it will really meet the expectations of a quality game in both gameplay aspects. and pictures.

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Game Hien Vien Mobile for Android is built on extremely unique 3D technology graphics, the fairy world shows up in the first images that will surely leave a deep impression on players. Gamers will feel extremely overwhelmed in front of a fairy world through a 3D perspective that can freely fly 360 degrees on its wings. Hien Vien Mobile opens a vivid, massive first world world, fully functional of a pure first half game such as: gas training, legal protection, jewelry making, etc.

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The plot of Hien Vien Mobile for Android closely follows the movie’s content, tells the story of Vu Toc’s terrifying monopoly of the land and the process of natural disasters of Phong Thien Dat and Di Phuc Linh in stopping the conspiracy. This is to protect people from war. Players will be able to choose 1 of 4 character classes: Cuong Du, Linh Su, Diep Vu and Du Hiep.

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Mobile version for Android is not only a first-person role-playing game, but also an interactive game suitable for both male and female gamers. The basic features such as free PK, song tu, beat bosses gather extreme equipment, interact with friends, etc. will appear in full turn. Besides the system of beauties, fashion, mounts, jewels, etc. is also designed extremely splendid. Download game Hien Vien Mobile for Android to enter the first world with many fascinating things waiting for you to discover.

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