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Heroes of Kalevala

The story of the game is inspired by Finnish poetry. Your tribe has experienced the flood, and you ask for help from a magician. You are told by the gods to leave the village and go to Kalevala to build a new land.

After arriving in Kalevala safely, you begin to build the village through a Match-3 series. Every 1 kick will turn yellow cells into green. The goal is to turn all the yellow cells into green.

It is true that things are not so easy. There are many rules and bonuses that affect gameplay. Eating 4 or more will create bombs to explode the yellow umbrella. The following screen, some boxes will be locked, or have ice and ice that you have to break.

The game also introduces a witch, who tries to sabotage you by turning out a raven. The crow will fly all over the table, and if it flies one round before you finish the goal, you will lose. The faster you complete it, the more money you’ll have to build a village.

Proceeds from match-3 levels can be used to build villages. There are many buildings and trees that can be purchased.

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