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Enter the world of chess heroes in the strategy game Hero Chess for Android – one of the best dignity versions of the global chess phenomenon Auto Chess ! Test your strength in super fast lightning matches. Build a mighty warrior army and challenge players from around the world.

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The trend of Battle Royale games is gradually saturated and is now the era of Auto Chess. In the past year, many major game developers are actively “jumping” into this category and gamers have enjoyed a “hearty party” of many outstanding titles, notably Dota. Valve ‘s Underlords , Magic Chess: Bang Bang of Kaka Games, Arena of Evolution: Red Tides of HERO Game or Tencent ‘s Chess Rush .

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And a new game that joins the “big family” of dignity this month is Hero Chess: Teamfight Auto Battler , developed by Phoenix One Games. Just like any other automated chess game, you will build a chess board of strategically arranged warriors to best support each other. When the battle begins, the player just needs to sit and watch the match take place, hoping his generals will win.

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Hero Chess: Teamfight Auto Battler for Android provides players with more than 50 different heroes. Choose, arrange generals strategically on the board and battle against other players. The game has an easy-to-learn gameplay, so take steps to master the arena by practicing your skills through the game’s endless trials! When feeling confident, test your strength on the chess board. In addition, Hero Chess Android also has some interesting additional game modes, including boss battles and bonus challenges.

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Outstanding features of the game Hero Chess: Teamfight Auto Battlercho Android

  • Fast-paced and flexible gameplay – designed specifically for mobile phones.
  • Choose from 50 different heroes of all races and caste! Create countless unique combinations.
  • Combine heroes to build the strongest army.
  • Ally with friends and create new parties to prove your strength and influence.
  • Defeat epic bosses and conquer new challenges throughout the game.
  • Crush your enemies and claim the throne of honor.
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Download Hero Chess: Teamfight Auto Battler for Android right now to your computer and experience dramatic battles full of tactics!

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