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Title adventure action combines tactical Heat Signature starts from when you broke into the spacecraft, causing serious mistakes and find ways to get rid of it.

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In the Heat Signature game, players will have to complete tasks from easy to difficult, fly to the target ship, sneak inside and take advantage of all available equipment to ambush and rescue teammates.

Main features of Heat Signature

Break into space ships

Using any spaceship to move in space, break the target ship by breaking the pneumatic lock. From here, you’ll find ways to infiltrate the crew, destroy targets with guns or smart equipment. Players will complete a series of missions such as looting, destroying VIPs and rescuing friends.

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Take the time

Get rid of impossible situations by pausing time and quickly finding the right plan. Players are given many types of equipment equipped with unique uses to switch, aim and shoot targets. There are a lot of tips for you to make the most of the power of new weapons instead of having to learn more complex combat skills.

Free the galaxy

All missions will bring you closer to the goal of freeing up a new space station from the holding empires, while unlocking new equipment in game stores, new characters and challenges to experience in Next Heat Signature tables.

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Other features in the Heat Signature game

  • Game possesses fast and urgent gameplay: using modern equipment such as teleporter, shield and inverter to find new solutions in difficult situations.
  • It is possible to take advantage of the in-game zoom feature to observe the entire space from above, allowing the character to easily break into the spaceship and control it.
  • Choose difficulty level: players have the right to choose each task, from extreme to “brain damage”. There is also a practice mode for you to try new items or try strategies and see what the results are.
  • The mission is randomly generated with a combination of protective gear packages, spaceship design and different fighting styles.
  • Each character has their own fate: select random characters with the original equipment. When destroyed, you will start with a new character in the world.
  • Personal mission: each character will have their own missions such as rescuing his brother, robbing a gun or revenge on those who killed his teammates.
  • Blow up the space ship with a grenade system or an exploding fuel tank or suck into space with a vacuum.
  • Rescue friends: if the character in your friends list is caught and they cannot save themselves, you can fully support them. Now your task will be personal to save the character your friends are controlling. At this point, you will unlock that character and own your city.
  • Find your friends’ equipment: when you give a “retired” character, don’t forget to get 1 item equipped to them. Name the equipment so everyone has the opportunity to rob it. Similarly, you also have the ownership of the equipment that your friends have disabled.

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Some important notes

  • The evolution of Heat Signature game does not completely follow an existing storyline. There will only be a brief introduction of each location and a few conversations between characters, but this is not the story that will develop in accordance with the gameplay. It is you who develop the story for your adventure, and usually it will be impossible tasks, requires strategy and very careful calculations to win.
  • In addition to the task of sneaking into a space ship and mastering it, you will not exploit anything inside it, do not have the right to design a ship, recruit troops … Your mission is to sneak into the ship to survive only.
  • The whole game will revolve around a planet with lots of space stations. Adventure in Heat Signature only revolves around these space stations and does not explore new planets.
  • Does not support multiplayer mode.

Heat Signature gaming configuration

  • Operating system: Windows 7 and above.
  • CPU: 1.7GHz Dual Core.
  • RAM: 8GB.
  • Graphics: Intel HD 5000 or higher. (GeForce or Radeon).
  • DirectX: Version 9.0.
  • 400MB free hard drive to install and play Heat Signature game .
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