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HDR Camera for Android is a powerful, user-friendly and very simple HDR photography application. With this utility, users can quickly get photos with vivid color palette and collapse the entire space into the lens in a blink of an eye.

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In fact, it’s hard to get real photos using just conventional cameras. Because real contexts often have different light distributions, there are underexposed areas and some overexposed areas. This is also the reason why sometimes a seemingly perfect picture becomes subtly lost when a few small details are unfortunately missed. To increase the user experience, will introduce to you a photography application that is quite popular, which is HDR Camera. Obviously, right from the name, you absolutely can grasp the main function of this utility: increase the brightness of the image or in other words, light balance.

The main feature of HDR Camera app for Android

  • Take photos with Full resolution.
  • One tap to get the perfect picture.
  • Adjust the shooting mode to HDR in seconds.
  • Adjust parameters: Contrast, adjust color, exposure …
  • Save the original image.
  • Support Android 5.0.

In addition to the free version, HDR Camera now also has a paid version with a few more advanced features such as zoom, adjust Flash, turn off the shutter …

If you are a lover of style or portrait photography, HDR Camera is an indispensable application on your smartphone.

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