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Hate each other game is a funny story about two kids neighbors, life is inherently peaceful so suddenly “a beautiful day” between two people occurred a conflict and then the war began. Download the game Hate each other today to experience extremely fun feeling in the game!

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Once upon a time, the old people had the saying: ” Love each other, pull shirts together, hate each other with sunshine, rain and wear each other. Love each other eyes glancing at each other, hate each other to throw stones …. break each other’s heads” is not wrong at all. you? Love each other is that? Love each other is that? But when you hate each other, the end of the meaning.

How to play is very simple, you just need to use the mouse to adjust the direction, hold the left mouse force, release the mouse to throw. However, you need to pay attention to your navigational skills as well as to determine the direction of the wind, the force of the throw so accurately that it will hit the hateful neighbor, for anger, anger, and anger. mine. You can use existing tools like throwing twice, increasing power, increasing health and weapons. The game will end when you have a broken head.

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The game has 2 game modes for you to choose:

  • One player: You fight against the machine.
  • Two players: You fight the hate.

Along with the simple interface, the cute image promises to bring moments of comfort and joy to the players after hours of study as well as stressful work. So why hesitate any longer, let’s download the game Hate each other to throw stones to experience right away!

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