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Piano shaped cake and castle shaped cake, which kids would you like to choose? If you want both, don’t worry! Baby can make any dessert they want in the simulation game Happy Bakery for Android .

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If you ever love Baking Black Forest Cake , Cooking Rainbow Sugar Cookies for Android , My Bakery Empire , Real Cake Maker 3D for Android , Unicorn Cake Baker or Cake Master with eye-catching and colorful cream cakes, you are probably small. Surely not to be missed Happy Bakery from the developer Uncle Bear Kids, this cake making game is sure to make the sweet lovers love the countless delicious and gorgeous cream cakes that are waiting for them to make.

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Become a professional chef in the Happy Bakery cooking game for Android ! Show your baby’s cooking skills by completing the challenges of making colorful dessert cakes. Certainly the game will make players immersed in the eye-catching and interesting cake making stages. Who knows, maybe the kids can apply these skills to baking a real cake?

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How to play the game Happy Bakery for Android

  • First, put the ingredients (flour, eggs, milk, …) into the bowl and use the mixer to stir well.
  • Then pour the mixture into the mold, put in the oven and set the time. Now, wait for the cake to cook.
  • Finally, to make the dish more attractive, the children can decorate with fresh fruits or cute candles.
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Salient features of the game Happy Bakery for Android

  • Choose and combine different ingredients to make a unique cake.
  • Arouse curiosity, creative thinking and a passion for cooking while playing.
  • Unlimited gameplay, promising to give the children a lot of great baking experience.
  • The game is suitable for playing on different screen sizes with different resolutions.

Is your baby ready to become a sweet master and make a sweet cake in Happy Bakery Android game yet? Download the game right now to your own computer and make great desserts by yourself!

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Introducing the developer Uncle Bear Kids

The Uncle Bear Kids brand specializes in developing educational applications for children and constantly strives to create small online companions for children. The company has now launched more than 30 products and owns more than 30 million users around the world.

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