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Gunny Mobi for Android is the official phone version of the Gunny PC webgame legend. The game belongs to the shooter genre coordinates for Teen. Teen will love Gunny Mobi not only because of good games, but also because of the beautiful scenery graphics, extremely cute and fashionable chibi characters.

Download Gunny for Android – shooter coordinates attractive.

When participating in the game, you will be able to choose the gender of your character is male or female, and you can name the character according to your preferences. Gunny Mobi revolves around the battle of throwing, gun shooting, challenging tactics and skills of the player. The game supports both the most popular mobile platforms currently Android and iOS .

Besides, the image of Gunny Mobi is the chubby yellow chicken behind will also make the teen, especially Teen Girl admire. Gunny Mobi has a simple, fun gameplay that combines elements of RPGs with coordinates shooter.

Gunny Mobi owns a variety of weapons systems for Teen to freely choose: Lu Brick, Grenade, TV-Fridge, Fruit Basket, Medicine Cabinet, Super Music … Gunny Mobi also has a system of Fashion Avatar to help Teen transformed into heroes like Tang and Tang teachers – Sun Wukong, Doremon, Songoku …

In particular, the new version Gunny Mobi Shoot Barcelona style, Gunny Mobi becomes the only shooter shooter coordinates on the market in cooperation with the legendary Barcelona team Barcelona. Promises to bring great experiences for gamers when combining the coordinates shooter elements and the immortal football spirit, giving the teenagers the great battle of shooting chicken as thrilling as the matches eSports.

With the system of characters designed in the lovely Chibi style, combining vivid sounds, beautiful effects, Gunny will surely bring gamers the extremely thrilling, thrilling chicken shooting battles. Completing the mission will give you experience points, gold, items as well as open some new features. Therefore, be hard at the task to quickly upgrade your level!

Download Gunny Mobi for Android .APK 1
Select a character to start playing the game Gunny.

Interesting point is that you can play Gunny without an account, but to avoid losing character information in case of reinstalling the application, you should log in with one of the following 4 accounts: Facebook , Google+ , Zalo and Zing Me .

Download Gunny Mobi for Android .APK 2
Name your companion character in the game Gunny.  

Salient features of Gunny Mini coordinates shooter for Android

  • The game is free (free) completely.
  • Awesome chicken shooting game, unique Boss battle, attractive copy.
  • Married escape alone, super faithful mate.
  • Extreme version of Barcelona.
  • Promote tactics and skills.
  • Play anytime, anywhere online game but can still play offline without network.
  • Vivid sound, spectacular fire effects.
  • Works smoothly on both Android and iOS operating systems.

New feature in Gunny Mobi Big Update special in July

Optimize the Spirit feature

When using Soul Spirit Train, choose “Quick Train” system will prioritize accumulating 100 Exp in the Exp Exp pot, equivalent to using 100 Soul for 1 Quick Training. After full Exp, players can choose “Buy” Exp to increase the level of Spirit.

Download Gunny Mobi for Android .APK 3

Note: After the Exp Exp is full (100/100) but the player does not Buy, the next “Quick Train” will use the entire system of Souls corresponding to the required amount to upgrade the Spirit.

Level System

Stars are currently up to 12 Levels (Level 1 – 12). Everyday the first time you enter Star City will receive 100 star experience. Star Level does not affect battle power nor character level.

Download Gunny Mobi for Android .APK 4
Download Gunny Mobi for Android .APK 5

World Gate

World Gate is an inter-server feature. Base Star’s base combat power is 1,000 HP, 1000 Attack, 1000 Prime, 1000 Quick, 1000 Luck.

Download Gunny Mobi for Android .APK 6

It is possible to increase Star Wars through setting up Pet keep (at most 3 pet), the higher pet combat power, the higher the resistance.

Download Gunny Mobi for Android .APK 7

There are currently 3 types of islands available:

  • Island resource vacancy (not yet occupied): When captured and won will start collecting resources such as iron, wood, stone, food, soul, strengthening stone and reduced items.
  • Resource Island has been captured: Upon capture and victory will receive all resources the previous player captured and continue to collect.
  • Island is the Star City of other players: When occupying and winning will receive 1% of the total resources (iron, wood, stone, …) of the captured player.
Download Gunny Mobi for Android .APK 8

In Starship has its own physical mechanism (Active), 15 minutes increase by 1 Active, limited to 30 Active. When attacking whether you win or lose, you get -6 Active every time. After being captured, the player will activate protection for 4 seconds, during which time the player will not be captured. When actively occupying the island other people will cancel the protective mask.

Download Gunny Mobi for Android .APK 9


When activating the Museum will cost 1 permanent weapon or pet piece respectively. After that, it is still possible to level up your level with the resources in Starship.

Download Gunny Mobi for Android .APK 10

Manipulate control shooter Gunny coordinates for Android

  • Move:   On the left of the phone screen is a virtual key area that supports character movement. Clicking the arrows to the left and right helps the character change direction and move.
  • Adjust the angle of shot:   Press the up and down arrows in the virtual keys area on the left side of the screen to raise or lower the angle of the shot.
  • Shoot: Hold down the “Shoot” virtual key in the right corner of the screen until the satisfactory force is reached, release your hand to shoot.

Download Gunny Mobi for Android .APK 11
Manipulating game Gunny very easily.

The main function of the game Gunny shoot chicken for Android


Reinforcement increases the power of equipment types, with all 12 levels of enhancement, the higher the level of enhancement, the higher the equipment index. To enhance the equipment you need to prepare the stone, keep on strengthening until the end of the stone is over, when the accumulated bar reaches 100%, the equipment will be promoted.


The component function increases the power of equipment, with all 5 stone levels combined. Depending on the following 4 types of stones, equipment will be added with attribute points:

  • Rock Dragon Dragon increases agility.
  • Rock Chu Tuoc increases attack points.
  • Da Huyen Vu increased his defense points.
  • Rock White Tiger gains luck.


The system of rich and varied copies, each version has its own style of play, both helping gamers relax and receive valuable rewards.

Download Gunny Mobi for Android .APK 12
Download Gunny for Android – Chicken shooting game completely free.

Combat weapons:

  • Grenade: Has a good defense, suitable for high-angle and ultra high-angle shooters.
  • Lu Brick: A weapon integrity, quite strong and suitable for both battles.
  • TV fridge: There are quite similar attribute indexes, making the jewel inlays increase the power for weapons to achieve optimal efficiency.
  • Fruit basket: Has high agility and good luck. With a beautiful Pow, the user of this weapon can reverse the situation of the match.
  • In addition, there are also Na shoot chicken, ruler, cannon, darts, water guns ….

Download Gunny Mobi for Android .APK 13
Teen Chibi graphics.

Supporting props:

  • 3-ray gun: When shooting bullets will be divided into 3 rays, can be used with props to shoot 2 times.
  • 50% Off : 50% increase in damage caused by shots fired, can be used with props to fire 2 times.
  • Shoot 2 times: Add 2 attacks in 1 shot, can be used with other props to increase damage.
  • Fly: Shoot 1 paper plane to move to the place where the paper plane landed.
  • Pow: Improve the effectiveness of weapons that deal damage.


Help gamers have the opportunity to fight, compete with other gunmen. While fighting you can invite more friends to play with or buy additional support equipment items.

Expeditionary expedition:

This is where the gunmen can team up to explore and conquer the strange lands on the Chicken Kingdom.

Get marriage:

The marriage feature gives players extremely interesting moments when they find their true partner, to accompany in endless chicken shootings. To become an official couple the player must go through 2 steps: Proposal and wait for the opponent to agree.

Hunt boss:

Attractive and challenging Boss hunting feature always attracts gamers. Of course, the gunmen will also receive valuable gifts worth the effort.

Let’s go with the cute Gunny Chicken to discover the mysterious tower, the residence of the giant Dragon right on your mobile phone!

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