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Welcome back to Vice City, the city of the 1980s! Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 1.09, the most classic street robbery game of all time on PC is available on devices running Android operating system.

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On the 10th anniversary, RockStar introduces GTA mobile , continues to be a mix of action, adventure, racing, shooting and simulation of real events in the United States with attractive open gameplay. High resolution graphics, streamlined control panel and a range of features optimized for Android.

From the decade of puffy hair, baggy outfits and the story of a man with a criminal record. Set in Vice City , a city of beaches, marshes, industrial parks, skyscrapers and mouse rats embellish a US city – a truly technological city in the 80’s. century ago. Combining open play with a story driven character, the player is taken to a town full of pleasures and evils, where they will make their own choices for their lives.

Video introduction game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on Android

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The main feature of GTA Vice City on Android

  • Lighting effects, character models and graphics are beautifully designed
  • Shooting and shooting options have been changed for greater accuracy
  • Custom panel feature allows players to fully customize the layout
  • Huge campaign with unlimited hours of play
  • Compatible with Moga Wireless Game Controller and select USB gamepads
  • Experience more graphics with graphic equalizer settings
  • Supported languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean, Russian, and Japanese.

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The story begins with Tommy Vercetti, the name Mafia has been released after being involved in drugs and becoming an emerging criminal in Vice. Players will build a criminal empire by stealing cars, drug dealing, preserving, murdering in a coherent and cohesive story even though they are the ones who decide how the game plays out. Compared to Grand Theft Auto III or GTA 3 , GTA Vice City is considered to be deeper, although not clearly shown at the beginning.

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A variety of weapons and vehicles (including motorbikes and helicopters) make money laundering and real estate more exciting. Players can also buy and upgrade properties to continue making extra money or spend a lot of money on shelter and other equipment. The GTA Vice City game with 17+ attachments contains many scenes of violence, sex and crime, which need to be considered before playing.

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