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Gramblr is a simple but effective application designed with the main purpose of helping users upload JPG or JPEG images to Instagram accounts easily and quickly.

Download Gramblr 1 The interface appears after installing the free application Gramblr for PC

Gramblr is a useful and reliable application that users should have. This application helps to upload (upload) personal photos to Instagram profile in seconds.

The main window of the online photo sharing application Gramblr looks very simple and user friendly. This application makes it easy to upload photos without using any web browser.

First, users need to log in to their Instagram account and then use this application to upload any desired photo.

However, before uploading an image, users need to ensure that the image is square in format of JPG or JPEG. If this condition is not met, users cannot upload any photos.

The main feature of the free Gramblr application for computers

  • Automatic cropping : Users will not have to spend time opening complex applications to crop images into squares as this application will help
  • Use more than 50 photo filters : This app includes more than 50 photo filters and effects to make the photos look better.
  • Comprehensive support for UTF-8 : Users can write photo captions in any language in the world because this application fully supports every character
  • Feel free to rate : Users can like or skip photos of other people and they can do the same. As such, users will soon know that how many people dislike their photos
  • Earn free likes : Developers can offer users free Instagram likes. All that a user needs is a coin (coin) that can be earned by rating other people’s photos
  • Fully supported : Gramblr photo uploading software will automatically send a report whenever a problem occurs. However, users can also contact the developer directly if they have any questions

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See instructions for recovering passwords in the free Gramblr application for Windows

The application that uploads Gramblr photos to your computer has the disadvantage of not allowing users to upload multiple photos at once. For this reason, users need to do the same operations over and over again whenever they need to upload a new photo to their Instagram account.

After writing the caption for the selected photo, the quick upload application Gramblr will automatically create a number of links that allow users to view the uploaded image using a web browser or embed the code into the page. personal web.

What’s more, the quick upload tool for the Gramblr file also displays two buttons that help users share Instagram photos to Facebook or Twitter and ensure that friends will see the latest photos from the latest announcement.

The Upload Another button located at the bottom of the application allows the user to start the upload process from the beginning.

After looking at all of the aforementioned things, it can be seen that the image upload application Gramblr will work for users who need to upload their personal photos to Instagram accounts without using the program. browsing. You can download Gramblr for free to upload JPG or JPEG photos to your Instagram account right now.

Note : Users need an Instagram account to use this app. Additionally, the computer must be running Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10.

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