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Google Maps Downloader – Take photos from Google Maps

Google Maps uses technology to take pictures from satellites and transmit them over the Internet to users, Google Maps can capture your entire roof.

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Google Maps Downloader is a tool that allows you to take small pictures observed from satellite and save on your hard disk You can review with Map Viewer or you can attach it to a map Large BMP, create your own map.

In addition, if you use GPS devices with built-in software on the PDA, Google Maps Downloader will help you create archives for those location devices.

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Google Maps Downloader interface

Low capacity and easy to use

Maps are always a must in every trip. Nowadays, you do not need to carry a paper map anymore because there are corresponding applications on electronic devices. However, not all software ensures image quality and download speed are good.

Google Maps Downloader is one of the software that fully meets both of these factors. It not only brings a sharp map on the PC, but it is also extremely easy to use, and even integrates a user manual so that everyone can catch up with the way it works.

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Google Maps Downloader supports combining multiple maps into one

Quick directions

Users should create a new project for each map, in case they need to review previous projects. This application requires users to provide geographic data such as latitude, longitude as well as zoom in and out of the output directory (from the Options window).

When you press the “Download” button, wait patiently for Google Maps Downloader to download the data. By default, the map is divided into several sections. Users can combine them together. In addition, it also allows the use of the integrated Map Viewer to view the final map.

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Google Maps Downloader exports the database in a jiffy

Overall, Google Maps Downloader is a reliable and fast option when you want to capture or download maps from Google Maps.

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