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Golden Ax Classics for Android is one of the antagonistic action game classics for mobile devices SEGA, Synthetic Golden Ax 3 part of the legendary series.

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All three chapters in SEGA’s classic Golden Ax series, including Golden Ax, Golden Ax II and Golden Ax III, are now wrapped up in a single game called Golden Ax Classics ! Get ready to use axes, swords and magic pots to destroy all enemies across the land of Yuria. Can you defeat Death Adder, Dark Guld and Damned Hellstrike with just one punch?

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Download game Golden Ax Classics for Android

Golden Ax is one of the best Beat ’em up games of the late 80s, developed by SEGA and released on more than a dozen different platforms. The story of Golden Ax takes you into a medieval fantasy world where Death Adder, an evil tyrant, has made the people of Yuria subdue with the help of his cowardly army. And now, only you can defeat the Death Adder and regain freedom for the land of Yuria.

With the same storyline and gameplay as the PC version, at the beginning of the Golden Ax Classics , players can choose from three mythical heroes: Barbarian warriors, Dwarf warriors and Amazon warriors. . Each character possesses unique skills: the Amazon warrior is faster and has stronger magic, the Dwarf warrior is stronger but the magic is weaker, and the Man Warrior has a balance of both. .

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Once you have chosen the character, you will outline the path to the Death Adder room, where you are tasked to end his reign of terror. However, on this journey, there will be hundreds of other enemies that players must face. Fortunately, you have the ability to use devastating magic to take down these scary creatures.

Golden Ax Classics for Android is a free arcade game , meaning gamers only have to see a few ads in the Start Menu. When starting to play, no banners or any advertisements may affect your gaming experience.

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Introducing parts of the Golden Ax Classics series for Android

Golden Ax

This is the era of magic, fire-breathing dragons and armored skeletons! Here, you will fight while riding a giant turtle and join the battle that takes place on the wings of an eagle! Ride monsters and fight hard to win!

Golden Ax II

In Golden Ax II, the player’s task is to eliminate the evil forces. Play as one of the three heroes, defeating the Dark Guild using warrior skills and powerful magic. Defeat all enemies in the battle to regain the legendary peace symbol – the Golden Ax.

Golden Ax III

The chaos once again spread throughout the land of Yuria when the Dark Prince awoke with the ambition to conquer the world. In order to stop him and get the legendary Golden Ax, four heroes including swordsman Kain Grinder, female warrior Sarah Barn, giant Braoude Cragger and beast beast Chronos “Evil” Lait are ready to accept every challenge.

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Salient features of the game Golden Ax Classics for Android

  • Play free games with ads (or remove ads through in-app purchases).
  • Save your progress whenever you want.
  • Integrated online rankings – compete with players from around the world to earn high scores.
  • Support HID compatible controller
  • Can play the game offline.
  • Multiplayer mode (coming soon).
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Like Streets of Rage Classic , Sonic the Hedgehog or Crazy Taxi Classic , Golden Ax Classics Android is part of SEGA Forever, a series of classic mobile games released by SEGA. The game has an identical gameplay to the original on PC, where you can customize the controls and even save the progress of the game at any time.

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