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Than Ma for Android is a perfect strategy card game just launched in Vietnam, released by Soha Game . Game Spirit Ma for Android will take you to the breathtaking scenery in the three kingdoms battle with no end full of fascinating and thrilling. Download the game Spirit Ma for Android to become the world’s most talented anonymous first half.

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The main feature of the game Spirit Ma for Android

  • Card Game General Tien Hiep Hoan My.
  • The top of turn-based strategy game.
  • Thesis Dao Hung Lien Server.
  • Fighting in the Ancient Gods Ma.
  • Tuyet Long Linh: Challenging intellect and hundreds of turns to fight the famous three kingdoms.
  • Conference Linh Tien Lien Server.
  • Fighting in the Old Gods Ghost.
  • Forging Elixir.
  • Fighting For The Legend of Hung Dao.
  • Ngọc Hư Fantasy Landscape.
  • Building Tien Mon and Thong Tam Tam Gioi.
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When coming to Than Ma game for Android you will find the interface just strange and familiar like other mobile role-playing games. Despite being a general GMO card, the gameplay of Than Ma Mobile is not boring. We can move around the map to do missions with NPCs and compete against other players.

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In Than Ma for Android for the first time the player will transform into an anonymous character to travel in the fairy world with mythological characters such as Dai Thanh, Nu Oa, Hang Nga, Emperor Diem, etc. There will be no fierce battles – such as fierce battles in the Three Kingdoms game or the battles in the Wanderers full of hatred as the story of Kim Dung that will be the first battle – human – ghost.

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Is a game Tactics t turn “hacking the brain”, the game Shen Ma for Android will make players headache of arranging the lineup, skills, choose General, prioritization, etc. along with the elements outside like mantras, fate, effects. The game has a similar gameplay to other general card games so gamers will not have difficulty to get used to.

We will carry out the job of recruiting general cards, building and developing the exile squad to unlock new features and activities. However, besides the familiar features of the general card game series, we will still be able to experience the very own colors that God Ma brings such as the tactics of formation, coordination and combat mechanics.

Characters in the game Spirit Ma for Android are very rich divided according to its own characteristics in skill. Each character will have its own role such as attack, defense, support and control. Before starting the battle, based on the formation of the opponent you can change the squad to get the most appropriate combat tactics.

Each player is divided into 4 groups corresponding to the four statues in the legend: Dragon, White Tiger, Chu Tuoc and Huyen Vu. This is an inter-server personal tournament, where you can show your skills, use the smartest tactic to defeat all opponents, take the super champion position. The God of War Challenge feature allows gamers and teammates to hunt Boss and many valuable gifts. Download game Spirit Ma for Android to start participating in the battle in this fascinating world.

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