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GoArt is a unique photo editing application that helps turn users’ photos into works of art that simulate the drawing styles of famous artists. In addition, the app also allows exporting images up to 10MP.

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GoArt can turn ordinary photos into unique works of art

GoArt is the world’s first AI-based (artificial intelligence) art effect creation application that supports export of up to 10MP images, allowing users to print out artwork. big and sharp!

GoArt uses the latest and most prominent AI technology, allowing users to instantly transform ordinary photos into works of art using unique preset effects, inspired by masters. about fine arts. With many effects describing the painting style of genius artists such as Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso, GoArt photo processing and photography application will give users a wide selection of diverse artistic styles. Your photo into a bold work of art.

GoArt even has features that are superior to conventional photo editors like Adobe Photoshop Express . By giving users the ability to create high quality versions of photos with resolutions up to 2880 x 2880px; The app allows you to print your own artwork.

GoArt currently owns countless filters and will continue to create additions and updates. Each week, two new effects will appear, bringing surprises and delight to users!

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GoArt supports saving and printing photos with a large resolution

Salient features of photo editing application GoArt for Android

  • Application of integrated image processing technology using artificial intelligence is causing storms worldwide.
  • Many unique and diverse artistic effects.
  • Minimalist interface, fast and stable processor.
  • GoArt offers many impressive artistic filters, simulating Van Gogh, Picasso paintings, … and editing photos in Fauvism, Pop-Art, Ukiyoe, …
  • Turn ordinary user photos into great art masterpieces.

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