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Glitch for Android is a photo editing application that helps you create “cool” pictures thanks to unique filters. The photos after editing will be ghostly or randomly taken to help create a different and impressive.

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Create unique images with Glitch photo editing application for Android

Currently there are many good photo editing applications for mobile phones, which can be named through a few names such as PicsArt , Muzy , Cymera , FotoRus … So each app’s name is in the filters it owns.

Most recently, the online community is “crazy” with a super image editing application “quality” called Glitch . Not the same purpose with other applications is to create a beautiful picture shimmering, perfect color, Glitch for Android creates images with a blurry but extremely impressive.

Video introduction Glitch photo editing application for Android

Thanks to its unique collection of filters and effects, Glitch’s edits are haunting or give you the feeling of a handshake or an error. However, the intentional creation of error points will sometimes create a unique and creative work of art. All editing operations are extremely simple on the phone, without the need for complex photo editing software or computers.

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Users can swipe multiple times in different directions on the same image to create strange unique effects

First, users click on the ” Download ” button above to download the Glitch application to Android phones. After the automatic installation is completed, open the app, select the camera icon to take a photo or get a picture available in the camera library. The next step is to choose your favorite filter among the numerous filters and touch your finger on the screen, swipe to create the effect.

You can swipe your hand up – down, left – right or curve, circle … Each swipe will touch the image, creating a mix of colors and make different photo effects. Finally, click Save to save photos to your computer to enjoy or share on social networks like Facebook , Twitter , Instagram … to show off to everyone. Certainly Glitch will make friends admire and squint with strange works created by yourself.

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The software has a simple, fast usage

Salient features of photo editing application Glitch for Android

  • Users can swipe a few times on a picture to create different error effects, creating a unique work no one has.
  • Touch the bottom or left of the screen to return to the original image.
  • Swipe up or to the right to increase the error effect.
  • Change the resolution and image quality, for amazing results beyond your imagination.
  • Try many different effects (like VHS scanlines, 3D, Window Lag, Pixel, Wave, Hacker, Triangol).
  • Make mp4 videos or animations (GIFs) and share via Whatsapp , Facebook or Instagram.

Some effects in Glitch are built based on images caused when there is a system error of electronic devices or computers, such as TV screen interference, DVD player failure, a scratched video or SD card is damaged. Seen from a certain angle, the images that seem to be faulty have a distinct look, creating a haze, or scene with aliens in science fiction movies. Along download Glitch for Android completely free and experience offline

New feature

For version 3.5.16: Fixed a bug that caused the application to freeze when loading images on some devices.

For version 3.5.15

  • Fix video export time period.
  • Fix vibration effect in high resolution.

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