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GFX Tool 6.9.2 is an extremely necessary tool for gamers playing PUBG Mobile on low-profile smartphones, helping the game experience smoothly, without lag.

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2017 and 2018 are considered the peak period of the survival shooter genre. Among them, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is considered a super product and leads in this category. On the mobile platform, PUBG Mobile also achieved success equally.

However, because of the beautiful graphics, PUBG Mobile is too heavy and requires high machine configuration. Therefore, it is really an obstacle for gamers with weak smartphones, causing lag when playing extremely uncomfortable. To overcome this problem, Tencent recently launched PUBG Mobile Lite , but it is not currently available in Vietnam, so Vietnamese gamers still cannot experience.

How to set up PUBG Mobile VN on GFX Tool

Especially, as soon as VNG has just released PUBG Mobile VN, GFX Tool also released updates to support this Vietnamese version. Usage is quite simple, after opening GFX Tool, select the version of PUBG Mobile in your device is playing. Then choose the following items at your disposal:

  • Resolution: The higher the game resolution, the more detailed the image.
  • Graphics: Game graphics, depending on the setting level you want to get the best experience.
  • FPS: Number of frames per second.
  • Anti-aliasing: Antialiasing.
  • Styles: Optional color filter.
  • Shadows: Shadows .
  • GPU Optimization: Optimized for graphics chips.
  • Save Controls: Save settings in the game.

After selecting the parameters you want, select Accept , turn off the notifications if any, and then click Run Game to start PUBG Mobile VN. The game will run according to the settings you have installed in GFX Tool.

Download GFX Tool for Android .APK 3

If you don’t want to upgrade to a higher model to play PUBG, the only solution now is to use the GFX Tool . With this tool, no matter how weak your phone is, you can still play PUBG Mobile extremely smoothly.

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GFX Tool breaks the limits on device configuration that the game sets

New feature in GFX Tool 4.7.3

  • Fix some minor errors.
  • Updated for PUBG Mobile 0.9.5.
  • Add new options (Anti Aliasing 2x / 4x, GPU Optimization).
  • Fix HDR errors.

GFX Tool will break the limits of the machine configuration that the game offers by letting players adjust the resolution, frame rate per second (FPS), optimize the GPU … Reconfigured in both Chinese and international versions.

This way, if your computer normally “freeze” when playing PUBG Mobile, now it runs extremely smoothly. Even the game can reach frame rates up to 60 FPS or play in full HD.

GFX Tool is currently only available on Android. How to install and use GFX Tool is quite simple. For details, refer to the article How to play PUBG Mobile without lag with GFX Tool .

Note : If you have trouble using GFX Tool, reset the screen in the graphics settings and close the game.

If the game gets stuck in the logo, reboot the phone.

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