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For the first time on mobile phones, the Gears of War series and games combine with Funko Pop to create the strategy game Gears POP! for Android – promising to bring you real-time multiplayer battles in the Gears universe.

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First announced at E3 2018 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), Gears POP! is a fun mobile strategy game inspired by the animated series Gears of War. As the name implies, the characters in the game are designed in the style of Funko Pop with a cute oversized head.

Gears POP! for Android is a real-time arena style multiplayer strategy game for mobile devices. The game simulates characters from the famous Gears of War series in the Funko Pop style, replacing the action genre in the film with a strategic gameplay similar to Clash Royale .

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Gears POP! for Android is an arena-style multiplayer strategy game

Your mission in the game is to collect and upgrade dozens of heroes and villains in Gears of War, each designed in the lovely Funko Pop style. Build the ultimate squad and lead them to victory in the arena, where you will compete with other opponents around the world in fast-paced tactical battles!

Download Gears POP game! for Android

Gears POP! Android has the same gameplay as Clash Royale and other mobile arena-style games like Trench Assault , Hero of Empire , TripleHearts or Mighty Battles . First, you need to build a squad of 8 units (plus an ultimate ability), then engage in multiplayer battles for 3 minutes. Your goal is to destroy enemy plantations and turrets.

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Combine powerful units to create the ultimate squad in the Gears POP game!

Game Gears POP! offers over 30 iconic characters of the Gears of War universe, including Marcus Fenix, Augustus Cole, Dominic Santiago, Kait Diaz and many more. Generic Gears and Locust Drone will also appear and many new characters will be added to the game in the near future.

In the game Gears POP! for Android , players are given access to Bootcamp (Training Camp) to test the squad and strategy before entering the real battle. In addition, the game also offers PvP mode to fight against friends. In the future, Gears POP! There will be more new content, helping teammates can work together to fight enemies and bosses.

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The heroes are designed in the style of Funko Pop with cute oversized heads and easy

Salient features of the game Gears POP! for Android

  • Fight and win on iconic Gears battlefields in real-time PvP battles.
  • More than 30 Gears of War characters are ready to listen to you, all designed in a cute Funko Pop style.
  • Build your squad in the way you want, combining units and skills will be more interesting than ever.
  • Turn the tide of battle with powerful abilities, including the devastating Emergence Hole or flooding the battlefield with Wretches.
  • Join major tournaments, challenge the best players in the world, and win to get great rewards.
  • Show everyone your mettle when competing against AI opponents to test new squads and hone your strategy.

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Compete with other rivals around the world in the arena of Gears POP! Android


Game Gears POP! for Android requires a stable network connection to play.

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