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Gear Flash Downloader is a free tool to download Flash SWF files from websites. The Gear Flash Downloader software is very easy to use. Simply copy and paste the URL of a web page into the program, press the Download button, and the Flash SWF files on the website will be downloaded to your computer.

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The software interface supports Gear Flash Downloader download

All of your favorite flash animations, flash games and flash cards can be saved with a single click and available as a collection.

The difference of Gear Flash Downloader compared to the previous versions is that it is optimized for downloading flash games online. Gear Flash Downloader supports downloading flash games from game providers such as Mochi, Playtomic, Flash Game Distribution & Kongregate.

Download Gear Flash Downloader

Gear Flash Downloader is a small Windows application designed solely to help users download SWF Flash files easily. It provides a simple method of downloading SWF content right from the local drive.

Intuitive and good looking GUI Gear Flash Downloader design makes users know how to use it from the first time. It does not require the user to manipulate much. Instead, just enter the source URL and the saved directory, the software will automatically handle the rest.

There are two ways to download a SWF file. First, you can enter the direct link to the file in the URL box, then click the “Download” button at the bottom of the page to begin the download process in seconds. Second, you can put in the box the web link containing one or several SWF files and download them at the same time.

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Manual Gear Flash Downloader

Gear Flash Downloader automatically scans for user-provided URLs, checks and displays available Flash files. It allows the user to select the item he wants to download. The software is fast, uses up less system resources and is “friendly with all versions of Windows.

Overall, the Gear Flash Downloader is a useful free SWF file downloader that runs fast and has a reliable download engine. Interested readers can click Download to download Gear Flash Downloader to your computer immediately.

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