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Garena Free Fire 1.41 is the first survival shooter in Vietnam, has a gameplay similar to Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds which is hot on PC. Bringing players the feeling of suspense, drama to suffocation.

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Download Free Fire for Android – Survival shooter identical to PUBG.

Each match will have a maximum of 30 participants in the form of solo, your task is to find every way to survive the last on a deserted island. Players will have 40 seconds to prepare to enter the battle of survival, each match lasts about 12 – 15 minutes at a very fast pace. Because the map in Free Fire is not too large, the time span of the safe area is very short, forcing the player to be extremely agile and assertive in order to survive until the end.

In particular, the new “Free Road Racing” update of Free Fire has brought a unique experience to the survival game genre. Allows 40 people to be divided into 20 teams to participate in the fierce race. Each team will join together. sitting on a vehicle, a driver and a gunman destroying the enemy, both cannot leave the vehicle and will lose if the vehicle is shot or the occupant is destroyed.

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If you have the opportunity to experience PUBG Mobile you will quickly enter, because everything is quite similar to this cult game from skydiving, landing, picking up, jogging to knock out opponents. More interestingly, you can experience the game with Vietnamese language again. Currently, Garena supports this super HOT shooter on 2 popular mobile platforms; so in addition to the Android version you can play Free Fire on iOS .

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Download Garena Free Fire – Shooting games mortal extremely HOT.

New feature in Garena Free Fire OB18: Spooky Night

New item: Pomegranate Bird of Prey

The Free Fire OB18 update introduces new Pomegranate Grenade, making fights more unpredictable. Players can use Decoy to create a humanoid doll with a red dot on the map. The prey’s blood is 100.

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New weapons:

  • Executioner: Appears in fun executioner mode The damage is 9999, the maximum reserve is 3, the accuracy is 100.
  • M1887: A Shotgun suitable for both medium to close range. However, the reload time is a bit long, giving other players the opportunity to counterattack when 1 or 2 shots are fired:
    • Damage: 170.
    • Number of bullets in ice: 2.
    • Rate of fire: 0.45.
    • Long range: 35.
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New character: Shani (Pic Shani)

Shani possesses the passive skill of Armor, restoring the durability of his armor when destroying enemies. Armor will be automatically upgraded when durability exceeds 100%, up to level 3.

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Updated Chess

  • Joseph: Adjusted the sprinting speed for the “Frenzy” skill, giving him a speed advantage when engaging in battle.
  • A124: Reduces cooldown of the “Battlefield Heat” skill from 150/140/130/120/110/100 to 90/80/75/70/65/60. Increases HP conversion speed by 100%.

New accessories: Solid gold

When equipped with solid gold, MP5 has a increased fire rate, M60 has increased damage and accuracy, becoming the optimal choice in mid-range battles.

  • MP5 – Electric booster : With a solid gold core will increase the rate of fire to 31%, becoming a submachine gun that shines in mid-range battles. Use in Normal mode.
  • M60 – Helical charger: Used to overwhelm the enemy with fire, with a solid gold core that will increase damage and stability when the player is holding the firing button:
    • Increased damage: 2 damage / shot (Stacks up to 10 times).
    • Increase accuracy: 0.015 / shot.
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Update Death War mode:

  • Additional ranking points.
  • Remove the entire oil tank from the map.
  • Allow to move while frozen.
  • After buying weapons will have full ammunition.
  • Bullets will be added to the beginning of each subsequent game.
  • Close the store by clicking on any open area on the screen.
  • Players will no longer go to Waiting Island before the game starts.
  • Improving the economic system, the losing team now receives more money.


  • Replace UMP with VSS.
  • P90 Cost increased from 1000 to 1200
  • AWM Cost decreased from 2100 to 2000.
  • MP40 Cost increased from 2000 to 2100.
  • New item: “Mushroom” to provide EP for players immediately.
  • Add G18, Kar98k, AN94 and CG-15 to the store.

Weather system:

The weather system is only available in War Mode, and other modes have to wait a little longer.

Equipment Balancing:

Explosive Crossbow : Redo this crossbow into an explosive that damages lan damage. Crossbows now occupy sub-positions.

  • Damage: 90.
  • Maximum explosion damage: 100.
  • Explosion radius: 3m.

Other new features

  • Ho Ly: Increases HP recovered by first aid kit 4/7/10.
  • New game mode page: A completely new mode selection interface.
  • Cracked glue bombs: Add special effects to glue bombs when preparing to break.
  • Character Voice System: Activate some unique voice lines for some characters on special occasions. However, only English accent.
  • Special mark: Displayed in a match when a teammate is injured, shoots, collapses or uses a campfire.
  • Upgrade waiting island: Add dance floor, add music.
  • Registered Stores: Registration Store can be accessed from the Diamond Refill page.
  • Optimize EP interface: Add buttons for special play mode of EP.
  • FF Cup: Support many different tournament types, optimize the interface for FF Cup page.
  • Magic box pieces: Players can collect magic box pieces and exchange them for a magic box.
  • Optimize page sharing: New user interface and special effects when players share the match results.
  • Optimize the jackpot: New interface when the player won the jackpot in the spin.
  • Update button: Update update notes can be accessed directly from the maintenance page.
  • Name change tags: There is the option to use the name change tag first when they change their name.
  • iPhone: Optimize the menu bar for iPhone users.
  • Customizing Kill Feed customization : There is an option to reduce the size of the table showing the kill in the game.
  • Correction of Conqueror of Glory bug.
  • New Home screen interface.
  • Displays the player’s area in the Settings Menu.

Garena Free Fire shooter for Android

New character system

Instead of choosing a character, the player can now choose between 4 characters: Kelly, Olivia, Ford and Andrew. Can use gold to upgrade characters and unlock skills. Moreover, players will receive a permanent character when logging into the new version.

  • Kelly: As an athlete, the running speed is 1% faster than normal characters. When upgraded, Kelly will have an increase in running speed of 2, 3, 4, 5% compared to normal characters.
  • Olivia: A nurse, able to recover collapsed teammates in DUO or SQUAD mode with more health than usual. When saved by Olivia, the character will have 6 – 12 – 18 – 24 – 30 more HP than saved by a normal character.
  • Ford: As a sailor, you can take 4% more damage around the circle than normal characters. When upgraded, Ford will receive damage resistance of 8 – 12 – 16 – 20%.
  • Andrew: A policeman is offered free of charge to players when logging in to the new version, reducing damage to armor by 2%, increasing to 10% when upgraded to the maximum.

Download Garena Free Fire for Android .APK 8

Open map

With the open map system, players are free to move, explore the vast island. The map is divided into many different areas such as warehouses, barracks, chemical areas, airports … for players to freely hunt for valuable items and weapons to survive.

Download Garena Free Fire for Android .APK 9

Motor vehicles

There are a variety of modern motorized vehicles, giving players the freedom to choose to use their companion in the fierce battle of survival.

Weapons and components

There are up to 7 types of weapons: dagger, green USP, AK-47, M4A1, UMP, Shotgun, AWM, and 14 different types of components waiting for you to discover in each match. All weapons are customizable with a variety of colors, upgrades to improve the ability to deal damage. In addition, there are additional helmets, armor and backpacks with 3 levels of increasing.

Download Garena Free Fire for Android .APK 10

Character system

Free Fire: Battle Royale allows players to customize the character’s appearance according to clothing and shoes. This will increase the power of the character significantly.

Rank climbing mode

The new update brings an interesting Rank climbing mode, with 6 levels from Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond to Legend. The rank system is calculated to classify the player’s level, as well as giving players many rewards at the end of the season.

With a lot of attractive features, completely free, Garena Free Fire will be the perfect choice for those who love survival shooters. This is also an opportunity for you to train your thinking and acumen to hide, search for supplies, ambush enemies and become the last survivor. If you feel uncomfortable playing Free Fire games on mobile devices, you can experience the Free Fire version for PC shared by here!

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