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Over time, your computer seems to have become sluggish with some newer games? While you wait for enough money to upgrade or buy a new device, try GameHike, a specialized tool to speed up the game by optimizing the entire resource to put all of the game processing.

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The usage is also very simple with a very user-friendly main interface. To convert a SWF file into an MP3, then click the Add SWF button -> navigate to the SWF file -> double-click the file so that it appears in the list listed -> if you want to convert to MP3 file format, click on Convert to MP3 button, and want to convert to WAV file, click the Convert to WAV button. The generated MP3 or WAV files will reside in the folder containing the selected SWF files.

If you want to convert all SWF files in a certain folder into MP3 then select the Add Folder button -> navigate to the folder containing the SWF files to be transferred -> then select Convert to MP3 or Convert to WAV to convert.

In addition to the main function of converting SWF files to MP3, SMC also has another very valuable feature that is joining all newly created MP3 files into a single MP3 file. The procedure is also very simple: click the Merge MP3 button to bring up the Merge MP3 interface -> click the Add MP3 button (to select some MP3 files) or Add All MP3 (to select all the newly created MP3 files). ) -> When done, click on the Merge button to SMC join all the selected MP3 files into a single file.

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