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Computer games are increasingly demanding hardware. If you own a computer machine, with not too strong configuration, but want to play “smoothly” some favorite games, you should try GameGain.

GameGain is a tool that allows users to optimize the system’s performance to make the game run smoothly, smoothly and efficiently.

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Using the software is fairly simple. At the main interface of GameGain, you only need to choose 3 parameters:

Operating System : the version of the operating system being used. GameGain supports from Windows 2000 to Windows 7.

Processor Type : The type of cpu being used, including Intel, or AMD. If you are unsure of the type of CPU your computer is using, you can choose Unknow / Other Processor.

Note : To know the type of CPU your computer is using, you can right-click the My Computer icon on the desktop, select Properties. In the System Properties window that appears, system parameters will be displayed, including the type of CPU being used.

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Speed Setting : set the speed to adjust the performance of the computer so it is suitable for playing games. With Fastest setting, the device will achieve the best game performance. However, in this trial version, you can only set the Fast level. But that was enough for the machine to achieve better game performance than usual.
Click the Go button to confirm the settings.

Wait a moment for GameGain to change a few registry keys, system files, to increase memory, scan frequency, processor speed of cpu … In addition, the software will automatically adjust system settings … In other words, GameGain is a tool to help you overclock, to make the system operate faster, more powerful, but safe for hardware devices, does not happen the device burning situation. have hardware as the usual overclocking ways.

After the process is finished, a dialog box appears asking you to restart the computer. Click Yes to confirm.

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After booting up the system, try activating and playing a game you love, to feel if there is any difference from the original or not.

In case the system works as expected, continue using the software. On the contrary, if the system is not working as stably as before, you can restore the system intact state by clicking the Restore button on the main interface of GameGain.

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