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Galaxy Glory for Android is a new space shooter from developer Ivy. If you love the classic genre of fly shooting and space battles, this action game is definitely a good choice.

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Similar to the outer space shooter such as Red Siren: Space Defense , Sky Champ: Monster Shooter for Android , Space Shooter Raiden , Infinity Shooting: Galaxy War for Android or Rogue Jet Fighter , Galaxy Glory is an offline style shooting game nostalgic ways, including exciting and challenging levels. Plan wisely strategy and start taking on dangerous dangerous dogfight missions now!

Galaxy Glory for Android is set in the future of human civilization, a time when humans are suffering from an alien attack. To stop these invaders, an elite cosmopolitan squad was formed, consisting of the bravest and most skilled warriors. You are one of those. As an experienced pilot, you are called upon by the state to protect the Milky Way from alien invaders. To complete this mission, players need to show their courage, intellect as well as skillful shooting techniques.

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Galaxy Glory Android is a nostalgic but never boring style shooting game

The Galaxy Glory game will take you to the front lines to fight brutal invaders. Use your rich aircraft flight experience to control the Galactic battleship. Move left or right, up or down to avoid continuous fire from the enemy. Try not to get your aircraft damaged and keep yourself safe. In addition, you can try to remember the flight trajectories of some enemy battleships, to avoid them better.

Galaxy Glory Android is a delicate combination of classic shooting games and innovative gameplay of the future. The game has many different modes for players to choose such as: Level, Challenge, Arena, Boss and Endless. In addition, you also have the opportunity to upgrade the spaceship to give yourself more attack power.

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How to play the game Galaxy Glory for Android

  • Touch the screen to move up, down, left and right.
  • Upgrade or change your weapons.
  • Start the game using auxiliary items.
  • The bigger the challenge, the more the reward.
  • Eliminate alien invaders.

Salient features of the game Galaxy Glory for Android

  • The game has many levels with increasing difficulty.
  • The levels are exquisite design, providing a great fighting experience and make it difficult to put your device down.
  • Impressive visual system, sound effects and great skills.
  • Provide a variety of fighters and bosses.
  • Spin the lucky wheel every day to get additional items.
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Download Galaxy Glory game for Android right now to your computer to enjoy the endless battle in outer space! Surely this game will bring you many exciting and relaxing moments.

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