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FxCamera for Android is a free, simple and creative camera application. With over 30 filters to choose from, make sure every photo you look at is better than ever.

All photos taken can be shared with friends and users can also interact with people around the world through photos.

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Main function:

Different types of effects:

There are over 30 different types of effects to choose from – take a vivid picture (like lomo photography) with Toy camera or create a quick interface for Instant photos.

Share the photos:

  • Can instantly share photos to friends on FxCamera. You can also share via Facebook and Twitter .
  • Tag all the photos.
  • Post your friends’ photos again.
  • Upload unlimited number of photos.
  • Comment and like your friends’ photos.

Search for photos:

Users can search for any photo via hashtag. Now you will love – like – get your photos and leave comments on the photos as a source of communication.

  • Search tag.
  • Search for a username.

FxCamera owns everything you need in a camera application:

  • Expand the photo and crop the square.
  • Field blur lets you edit photos with a single viewfinder camera.
  • Auto-correction makes photos clearer, even HDR with multiple self-adjustments.
  • Feel free to customize filters and background colors.
  • Includes flash, timer, autofocus.
  • Shortcut: choose a camera mode and take the photos you need right away.
  • Import function from camera roll. You can change the original image with any filter.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to create a water drop effect – in FxCamera:

The water drop effect is something we can hardly see in photography apps for Android, so this feature is like a bright spot of the application. It works great for water related photos.

To add effects to the image, touch the magic hat icon in the bottom right corner of the screen and select water drop in the distortion menu.

How to create a soft focus effect in FxCamera:

Many camera effect apps allow you to add soft focus, but the settings in FxCamera are better than their peers.

To add a soft focus effect, open the image or import one and scroll down to the soft focus option (at the bottom of the list). Tap to apply and you will see photos with a completely different interface.

How to add a lightening effect in FxCamera:

There are a variety of lightening effects you can add to your photos, and the success of each one depends on the overall color of the original image.

For example, if there is more red in the image, select red in the hat icon menu. The application will then identify the red areas and remove that color from the entire image.

There are 3 options: red , sky (green) and tree (green and yellow), but they will definitely impress you.

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