Download Fruit Ninja Fight for Android .APK

Fruit Ninja Fight for Android 1.27.0 is the latest version of Fruit Ninja – one of the most downloaded fun games of all time on Google Play thanks to its simple, fun and highly stress-free gameplay.

Download Fruit Ninja Fight for Android .APK 1
Fruit Ninja Fight for Android is an attractive multiplayer fruit slashing game

Prepare your sharp blade, ninja. Everyone’s favorite fruit-slashing action adventure game is back with a competitive gameplay in challenging real-time mode called Fruit Ninja Fight !

If there’s one ninja that hates more than fruit, it’s the other ninjas! Fruit Ninja Fight is an exciting and competitive multiplayer fruit slashing game that allows you to confront other gamers and train your reflexes! Equip yourself with destructive power to create your own battlefield and unlock legendary arenas where every moment plays an important role.

Download Fruit Ninja Fight for Android .APK 2
Compete with players around the world in the real-time mode of Fruit Ninja Fight

But that is not all. Challenge yourself and face players from around the world, or practice your slashing skills in Training mode. No matter how you want to play, Fruit Ninja Fight for Android can meet all your wishes!

Compete with other ninjas from around the world, rise to the top of the leaderboards and become the Fruit Ninja champion. Whether you have sharp reflexes, keen intelligence or really hate organic food, Fruit Ninja Fight Android promises to bring you dramatic, engaging and extremely fun matches. What are you waiting for? Take up the blade and get ready to fight now!

Download Fruit Ninja Fight for Android .APK 3
Discover many new skills in the game Fruit Ninja Fight for Android

The main feature of the game Fruit Ninja Fight for Android

  • One of the most addictive gameplay on mobile devices.
  • Turn the situation by releasing a series of new powers.
  • Collect powerful and legendary blades to compete with your opponents.
  • The arenas are beautifully designed.
  • Become a champion by defeating every gamer.
  • Collect Master, Critical, and Blitzing combos to find winning tactics.
  • Invite your friends to play VS Friend mode to find out who is the greatest ninja.
  • Unlock new ninja avatar.
  • Challenge friends and foes from around the world in 1v1 real-time matches.
  • Gain combos, critiques and many other power-ups to topple your opponent.
  • Search mystery boxes to discover powers, avatars, coins and more.
  • Create your own legendary arena with unique upgradable power.
  • Unlock multiple arenas and advance to the top of glory by slicing as many fruits as possible.

Download Fruit Ninja Fight for Android .APK 4
Fruit Ninja Fight has a simple but fun and addictive gameplay

Take your sword and start the fruit slashing adventure in Fruit Ninja Fight now!

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