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Fruit Nibblers is for Android 1.22.10 the very interesting and funny fruit-folding game, developed by the “father” of the legendary Angry Birds game: Rovio Entertainment . The game has more than 200 levels, cute character shaping and classic match-3 gameplay.

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Rovio Entertainment refers to a series of blockbuster blockbusters on mobile platforms such as Angry Birds ( Windows Phone , Android and iOS ), Angry Birds Seasons ( Android and iOS ), Angry Birds Space ( Windows Phone , Android and iOS ), Angry Birds Friends ( Android , iOS and Web ) Bad Piggies ( Windows Phone , Android and iOS ) or Angry Birds Star Wars ( Android and iOS ). And most recently, this famous game company has released a fruit-lined game with the familiar match-3 gameplay : Fruit Nibblers . Compared to the “elder” games ranked fruits like Fruit Splash , Fruits Legend or Fruit Ninja Free , Fruit Nibblers also owns quite similar gameplay but has been improved by Rovio with many interesting features.

The latest feature of the game Fruit Nibblers ranked fruit for Android:

  • New Tournament feature with lots of challenges.
  • 25 new puzzles every week.
  • More than 850 levels for you to conquer.

Video introduction game ranked fruits: Fruit Nibblers for Android

Fruit Nibblers is inspired by the story of a school of fish who decide to head to the ocean to find ways to eat fruits. But everywhere are full of extremely vicious reptiles and they are very angry when a “strange” creature broke into his territory. As a fish in the herd, the player will take on the task of defeating these opponents and attempting to eat a variety of fruits.

Bring in the typical features of a match-3 game, players will also receive the task of connecting at least 3 fruits of the same type and make them disappear from the screen. Currently, the game owns 200 levels with increasing difficulty and according to official information from the developer, this number will not stop. The higher the level, the player will face new reptiles, bosses “terrible” and have a number of creatures and other obstacles, making the journey to capture the sweetest fruits even less It’s a bit simple. Once you defeat all the opponents in a stage, you will win. In addition, each level in the game Fruit Nibblers is also limited in number of turns. This means that the quicker you complete the game with the least number of moves, the more you can get a high score and the chance to get 3 stars. However, once the number of available networks is exhausted, you will fail. So, right from the start, play with your friends on Facebook or Google Play Games to get the help of your friends when you are about to lose.

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The main feature of the game connecting fruits: Fruit Nibblers for Android

A product from the creators of Angry Birds

Fruit Nibblers are the great minds that created the amazing Angry Birds research and development. Thanks to that, the game also owns the humor, the kid, a little “crazy” of “angry birds”, the creation of content, images, sounds and graphics are undeniably great. .

Meet and get acquainted with the characters Fruit Nibblers

Match at least 3 fruits of the same type to “summon” corals, octo and the rest of the Fruit Nibblers army. In particular, some fish also possess a lot of tricks to collect fruit very skillfully and their strength can easily defeat any opponent, even tough obstacles.

The gameplay is simple and very humorous

Whether you’re the one who has conquered Candy Crush Saga , Candy Crush Soda Saga or Pet Rescue Saga … or the beginner familiarity with the puzzle genre, it doesn’t matter. Because, Fruit Nibblers is too simple to play, but do not underestimate when conquering it is not easy. 200 levels with veteran opponents and “matrix” of increasingly complex fruits will make you “dizzy” there.

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Exciting adventure

Not only stopping at the ocean, joining Fruit Nibblers, you also experience the exciting jungle adventure. Be confident “jump” off the island to advance to more difficult levels and more challenging levels will be updated in the next version there.

Connect with friends to share the fun

Connect Facebook to invite friends to play and challenge who will be the “eat” the most fruit offline. More importantly, they are the “savior” to help you escape difficult levels, avoid losing and giving you many unique gifts.

Countless opponents

Lizards and other reptiles are still not the most aggressive. Countless enemies on the island are plotting to sabotage your fruit party. So, try to notice and “take care” of them well. Defeating the bosses will help your graft skills better fruit and enemies will no longer be an obstacle.

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Review game match-3: Fruit Nibblers for Android


  • 200 levels and this number keeps increasing.
  • Eye-catching plot and graphics, suitable for both children and adults.
  • Match-3 gameplay familiar with a variety of challenges.
  • Despite the integration of paid IAP packages, players can conquer the game without using any monetary assistance.
  • Integrate Google Play Games and Facebook with leaderboards, ratings and cloud data storage.
  • Diverse auxiliary, obstacles and hidden power of the “big” fish make the game more interesting.
  • Simple, funny and addictive.
  • The installer is relatively compact, device friendly. The game runs smoothly and does not drain the battery.


  • The gameplay is unique and not really improved compared to the popular match-3 games today.
  • Life time (Live) is quite long.
  • The plot bears a bit of Angry Birds.
  • The game is based on luck.

Important note:

  • Fruit Nibblers are free, but some in-game items require players to pay to be used. You can disable this feature in the device settings.
  • The latest update of Fruit Nibblers on December 14th has also added 100 new levels for you to conquer. More specifically, the lizard-shaped lizards have also appeared, collect them and send gifts to your beloved one.

Warning: Fruit Nibblers’ familiar gameplay and super adorable character system can completely cause any player to play. So, once touching the download link of this game means you will “lose food, insomnia” to conquer the game.

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