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Fotor for Android is a free photo editing software for devices running Android, enabling users to unleash their imagination and creativity.

Now, with the new version of Fotor for Android , you can experience the feeling of editing photos in a more beautiful interface, with the support of more powerful editing tools like camera image enhancement. , crop, rotate tools, add photo filters and more.

In addition, you can directly edit photos on Ftor’s website at .

Unlike photo editing applications like Camera 360 or PhotoWonder , Ftor for Android emphasizes on originality and professionalism. In addition to using filters and effects, you can customize it as you like.

Reviews from top experts for Fotor on Android

  • BBC – “Ftor photo editing application provides quick and easy adjustments and scenes for users.”
  • Lifehacker – “Ftor can handle almost every photo editing task you need.”
  • TUAW – “The application works stably and almost without any interruptions.”

Updated feature in Fotor for Android latest version:

  • Fix bugs and improve application performance
  • New design with optimized user interface, improved features in accordance with Android 5.0.
  • A new feature in the “Cinematic & Mono” effect package allows you to easily create realistic photos easily and quickly.

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Some key features of Fotor for Android:

Camera image enhancement:

Support multiple camera modes, helping to get the desired image results. Provides photography features such as: Grid, Big Button, Burst, Square, Timer and Stabilizer.

1-Tap Enhance Feature :

This feature will help convert monotonous or bad photos into sharp images through processing technology to each pixel. This option analyzes the brightness, contrast, saturation and exposure of the image and optimizes it to get the best image. Better yet, you can do all of the above with just a simple touch.

Support multiple scenes:

Fotor ‘s intelligent photo editing technology also supports 13 options corresponding to different photographic conditions, helping to properly describe the nature and artistic intent of the scene in the image.

Add graphic effects and borders to photos:

Fotor ‘s diverse filter panel will help users take their creativity to a new level. Users can turn photos on their mobile into an artistic image as taken from professional cameras and have the hands of veteran photographers. Fotor for Android supports over 60 diverse filter effects such as creating classic photos, black and white photos, Vintage photos, collages, using Lomo photo effects. ..

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Support for many photo editing tools:

Fotor for Android provides tools to customize the brightness, contrast, saturation of the image. In addition, users can also use the Sharpen tool to increase the sharpness of the image, or add Vignette to darken the corners of the image, helping to emphasize the content of the image.

Tilt-Shift effect:

This special tool helps to create depth to your photos. Typically, to achieve this effect for a photo, photographers often use professional DSLR cameras. Now, with Fotor on Android , you can own photos with the magic Tilt-Shift effect completely free. When using this filter, a certain area of the image will be emphasized while those surrounding areas will be blurred, giving a sense of magic to the image.

Real-time processing technology:

In some photo editing tools, to observe the result of an adjustment operation, you need to save the image. However, with the new version of Fotor , users can directly track edits on photos in real time without having to save photos.

Support photo box:

Fotor ‘s professional photo album management for Android will help you organize your photo collections in a scientific order and easy to understand.

Share photo:

This photo editing software has built-in Share options. You can share your newly created photos with friends and relatives via email or post on social networking sites like Facebook , Twitter , Flickr and Instagram with just a tap.

Create a collage:

Users can combine up to 9 photos into a single frame. You can choose from dozens of templates, including many professional magazine templates, to make the most artistic product possible.

Support multiple languages:

English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Korean, Thai, Turkish, Indonesian and Vietnamese .

Update in Fotor for Android:

  • Adding many new magazine template templates, helping users to become a real star in their shots.
  • Optimize and improve speed when using Tilt-Shift and FX effects.
  • Optimize image processing speed, change flexibly based on device configuration.
  • Correct errors in the previous version.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.


To install the APK file from, you need to set up a device that can install applications not located on Google Play. To set up this feature you need to go to Settings > Security > in Device Manager , select the Unknown sources ( Allow installation of applications not from Market ). ouch

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