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Fotodanz for Android will help simplify creating cinemagraph animations – users will become more creative with their camera. This is a completely free application, without any registration.

Users just create, record a short video (3 to 5 seconds), localize the animation area, click Ok and now ready for you to share your work with the world. Very simple.

You can record a video in about 3 to 5 seconds, select multiple animation areas, select the starting image for the animation and change the circle type animation area. In addition, there are photo filters for you to make your photos stand out.

The image will then be saved to the pictures fotodanz folder, so you can access them anytime and share them with anyone. This application supports users to share easily via Facebook , Twitter and SMS. Recently, the provider has also added the Generic Sharing feature. To ensure the best of personal privacy, you should share it directly via email.

Similar to the Cinemagram application, Fotodanz for Android allows users to create cinemagraph animations using the camera of a mobile device. If you’ve never seen cinemagraphs, it’s like a hybrid of photos and videos. Although most of the animation is animated, the cinemagraph still contains a separate area from the moving area that has been zoned. So, try to imagine taking a moving picture of a crowd, but there is still an active person in this crowd. There are many types of scenes cinemagraphs can take. Basically, creating a cinemagraph requires photo editing software and pairing techniques, but with Fotodanz, this process is minimized and only takes a few seconds to complete.

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To start using Fotodanz, take a picture you like, and click capture. Fotodanz will capture the animation, along with 3 seconds (by default) to return to the short video for the animation of the cinemagraph. If you find the recording time is a bit short, you can press the Capture screen briefly and change the length to 5 seconds.

After you have finished taking your photo, Fotodanz will take you to the Edit screen, which can isolate and dynamically create 6 different areas for your photo. To do this, just by using your finger to draw the dynamic area, any other areas outside the circled area will be kept as still images, while the inner area will be replaced with video recorded. Of course, you want the area to be delineated as accurately as possible, but you may not want the dynamic area to be too small because it will cause activities to be affected. With the ability of their imagination, users can use the pen of the application in the process, but the zoning is very simple, so no need for a pen does not affect the quality or difficulty. In addition, if you encounter any errors, you only need to double-tap the screen to start from the beginning. In addition, if you press and hold the Edit screen, users can switch to different types of frames to use as a starting point for still images.

After finishing the zoning, Fotodanz will transfer the cinemagraph to the Preview screen, where users will add photo effects like those on Instagram or other photo applications. If you want to edit the zoned area, just click the Back button to return to the Edit screen. Finally, Fotodanz will save the cinemagraph as an animated GIF file. From the application, users can share photos to Facebook or via Gmail. If not, go to your device’s photo library and share it here. It is worth mentioning that this application allows you to rotate your photos, but only after you’ve finished previewing and saving them.

User manual:

  • Create a picture and press capture (fotodanz will automatically record a short video of about 3 to 5 seconds).
  • Next, localize the area (one or more) to create it dynamically and click Ok (you can tap twice to localize it).
  • Preview animation preview, add filter effect.
  • Click Ok to save and ready to share them.

Main function:

  • The user interface and workflow are simple (patented).
  • Automatic video balancing eliminates video clips that are corrupted due to hand shake.
  • The simple method to select up to 6 different animation areas (patented). Images are saved to the device, so users can easily save and share them the way they want.
  • Share easily via Facebook, Twitter, SMS and the Generic Sharing feature; Share directly / privately via email.
  • Select the video recording time within 3 or 5 seconds (click More on the Capture screen).
  • Filter photos to make them stand out.
  • Select the Loop (click More on the Preview screen).
  • Rotate photos (to share photos in landscape mode).

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