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Fort Conquer for Android is a game “conquer fort” attractive and free on Android devices.

Fort Conquer for Android introduces players to the most powerful beasts. Join the game to try to see who will be the last survivor.

Belonging to the genre of gamers combined with extremely attractive battle action , Fort Conquer for Android opens a battle between gamers and waves of evolutionary monsters are flooding your land.

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Join this game, gamers will play a talented military , commanding their animals to defend and attack the enemy fortress. Try to use your troops to fight the first warriors the opponent sent.

Specifically, the mission of the player in Fort Conquer for Android is to build an elite army force with brave loyalty, and you will assume the role of leading and training to make your forces stronger and stronger. than. Gamers with their troops will have to participate in a tough battle to protect the tower and conquer the enemy fortress.

The game offers you a lot of different types of monsters to choose from to suit your own tactics, and of course, to own the powerful monsters of Fort Conquer, the player is required to complete the missions.

Faced with the onslaught of monsters, instead of panicking, calm down and start building yourself a solid defense.

The animals in your forces have extraordinary combat power, you should consider choosing which species is stronger than the opponent’s warrior and let it battle. Note, the tiger is the warrior with the strongest fighting strength, so let them welcome the first battle.

However, the animals on the opponent’s side also have the ability to attack very fast and the strength is not inferior. So you should quickly build a defense strong enough to stop them all. Hurry before they get too crowded and start fighting.

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During the battle, your faction warriors will bring back diamonds and stones. If you have 4 diamonds in your hand, you will have a fireball. This fireball will create a terrible rain of bombs and it will destroy all opponents on the other side of the battle line. Use this fireball when it comes to overcrowding.

In addition, players can also visit the item shop with many attractive options. You can choose to buy more items to upgrade the fighting power of your animals or buy more warriors with stronger fighting power. To have money to upgrade, you need to accumulate a lot of points and grow your army more and more powerful.

Fort Conquer for Android is an opportunity for you to show your talented military command through successful counterattack and break the opponent’s defense line as well as destroy the castle. It can be said that this is a defense game, very interesting and attractive attack. The last survivor will be the one with the strongest intellect!

Salient features of the game Fort Conquer for Android:

  • Evolution of the same species. Provide mysterious powers and many new creatures.
  • The number of species evolved is abundant. Challenge the imagination of the player to create many new species.
  • Build many rows of tower defenses. Develop a good mold strategy to win the battles.
  • Stunning graphics quality and unique sound effects.
  • Fight with the boss.

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