Download Football Manager 2019 Mobile for Android .APK

Football Manager 2019 Mobile for Android (FM19 Mobile) is a sports game with the style of playing a familiar football management game released by SEGA – names that are not too strange for gamers.

If you love king sports in particular and football games in general, you will not be able to ignore Football Manager 2019 Mobile , following the success of Football Manager 2018 , this football management game is for sure will satisfy even the most demanding coaches.

Download Football Manager 2019 Mobile for Android .APK 1

Special features of Football Manager 2019 Mobile on Android

  • Football Manager 2019 Mobile’s graphics are highly rated and ranked as a super product compared to other games of the same genre.
  • Players will have a lot of choices when playing Football Manager 2019 Mobile (with 56 different big and small tournaments from 19 countries around the world).
  • The opportunity to own stellar players is the famous names at the big clubs today.
  • Features trading, exchanging players allows users to own an optimal squad and the best.
  • The Training feature allows players to train their players to improve their own stats as well as the overall strength of the team you lead (this feature can be arbitrarily set up mode).
  • FM19 Mobile also allows coaches to change or create their own special tactics based on modern football theory as well as other classic tactics.
  • The game has a very detailed and specific new player guide system. Even as a newcomer, you will be introduced to the game system, how to play and how to manage a team in the most professional way.
  • Football Manager 2019 Mobile has been changed and added some new features and tournaments, making this football management game on mobile become more attractive and new than the previous 2018 version:
    • The game uses VAR and Goal-line technology to improve the quality and increase the professionalism of the matches
    • Adding Feed back from the player transfer missions
    • Upgrade weather and environment factors to increase the drama and attractiveness of the game
    • Summary of information before the game
    • Improve UI
    • Overall achievement of the team

Download Football Manager 2019 Mobile for Android .APK 2

  • Football management game 2019 has new skins with dynamic and youthful colors, helping this simulation game to look fresh and full of energy.
  • Adding two domestic tournaments of China and Russia.
  • It is the first soccer game to have licensed sports tournament kits available throughout the course of the game.
  • Self-drafting and negotiating player transfer contracts help you become a more professional and versatile coach.
  • Arbitrary numbering allows players to change players’ jerseys and give them shirts of any number they like.

Download Football Manager 2019 Mobile for Android .APK 3

Talking about football game in the world and in Vietnam, perhaps the most familiar names are the FIFA Online , Top Eleven or Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) series, but if you try once with Football Manager , surely all senses Your passion for football will be completely satisfied.

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