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The full AutoCAD font set includes hundreds of different font styles and fonts for you to use while working with Autodesk AutoCAD professional design software .

For “people in the profession”, AutoCAD is the number one choice in graphic design. However, it is also quite annoying that this software often gets CAD font errors (especially when we reinstall Windows or download an AutoCad file from the Internet).

Download Font AutoCAD 1
Full Vietnamese CAD full font set

Advantages of Vietnamese font AutoCAD full

  • The full AutoCAD font set includes hundreds of * .shx and * .ttf fonts that are very nice, supporting users to type Vietnamese in AutoCAD with many different fonts.
  • Vietnamese CAD fonts are provided completely free.
  • Including hundreds of SHX fonts and TrueType fonts (the most professional and used AutoCAD fonts today) are very beautiful, with many different styles and styles.
  • Suitable for many types of technical drawings, diverse designs.
  • Lightweight, safe, easy to use.

Install AutoCAD full Font (font shx) on Windows

Install SHX fonts for AutoCAD:

Because the font for CAD is * .shx format, the installation of Vietnamese font for AutoCAD will also be quite different from the normal font installation on computers.

Step 1: Navigate to the directory where we installed AutoCAD on the computer. If you do not change this installation directory, then by default, it will be located in:

AutoCad 2004 or 2007:

  • C: Program Files AutoCAD 20xx Fonts – (Windows 64-bit)
  • C: Program Files (x86) AutoCAD 20xx Fonts – (Windows 32-bit)

Download Font AutoCAD 2
Open the Fonts folder of AutoCAD design software

AutoCad 2013 and above:

  • C: Program Files Autodesk AutoCAD 20xx Fonts – (Windows 64-bit)
    C: Program Files (x86) Autodesk AutoCAD 20xx Fonts – (Windows 32-bit)

(And if you have adjusted the folder when installing initially, navigate to that location to open Fonts offline).

Step 2: Download the compressed file containing the AutoCAD font that the article is providing and then do the following:

  • Extract the downloaded file.
  • Select the fonts you want to install (font * .SHX or * .TTF, it’s up to you).
  • Copy (or left-click, hold and drag) the Fonts folder we are opening in step 1.

If during the installation process of font for AutoCAD , you see the message as below, you can click Skip these files to skip (this is a notice that the computer has some fonts that you want to install) .

Download Font AutoCAD 3
Install Vietnamese font on AutoCAD

Step 3: Restart AutoCAD software to save changes.

Install TTF font (Font TrueType) for AutoCAD:

TrueType has a simple and easy way to install, you just need to extract the file, select the .ttf fonts to be installed, then right-click on it and select Install to proceed.

Download Font AutoCAD 4 Installing TTF font on AutoCAD is quite simple

After this operation, the computer will automatically install fonts for us. Just sit back and restart the computer when the process is complete.


  • For computers running Windows XP and Vista, you need to go to Control Panel / Fonts / Install new font to install new fonts.
  • In some SHX font sets you download from the internet, there may be some files in PFB and SHP format. These files are not viruses or malicious code as many people think, using the “compile” command in AutoCAD will turn these files into SHX format.

After downloading and installing AutoCAD Full font, surely font errors on AutoCAD will be significantly reduced. Or if you are having problems with Vietnamese percussion on AutoCAD, download this full Vietnamese font and install it on your device to fix it.

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