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Flipagram for Android is an ideal application to help you easily create videos from your existing photo collection. Currently, Flipagram has reached 50 million installs and is also one of the best video design tools on the app store.

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New features on Flipagram updates

  • Add Snow or Snow Flower effect to your photos and videos!
  • Add artistic filters to the video image.
  • You can save video processing Flipagram image as a draft to continue editing and sharing later. Users just need to exit the screen to create photo videos and select Save draft to switch to new works.
  • Quickly upload personal photos, save to your device or share with friends on Flipagram and many other social networks.

Flipagram is the simplest solution to create, edit, share music videos, slideshows and storytelling in the form of photos with music. In particular, this application also offers a collection of photos, videos and music that are completely free to license (copyright videos are currently only supported for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and Android 5.0 Lollipop), allowing you to explore freely. and choose to create products with your own style. With over 10 million active users each month, Flipagram is currently one of the most ideal gadgets for designing mobile video today.

Video introduction application for making Video Flipagram for Android

The main feature of the application is making video Flipagram for Android

  • Add photos to the video.
  • Add favorite video clips.
  • Add music clips that are up to 60 seconds long.
  • Automatically set time for Instagram or Vine .
  • 15 impressive filters to style the video.
  • Share videos and get “Like” , comments from friends.
  • Re-create the videos available in the community to get more “Likes” when you upload.
  • Subscribe to favorite channels to discover videos of other users.
  • Eye-catching style.
  • Search and follow friends.
  • Support notify when friends upload new videos.
  • Get suggestions from editors, add #hashtag to spread your videos with more people.
  • Adjust privacy settings for the profile and each video you upload.
  • Share videos to favorite apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vine, Tumblr , Email, Text, Pinterest , Facebook Messenger , WhatsApp , KIK or LINE .

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This application is quite simple. Colors similar to brown and beige of Instagram with blue accents. If you do not know you are using another application, you will probably mistake yourself using Instagram.

Taking photos and creating a Flipagram is very simple. Touch the Create button to get started. Add photos from your device’s camera roll, from your Instagram account or take a new photo right from this app. You can also add photos from all of the above sources to create a Flipagram.

Once selected photos, users can move them to place in the position or order you want. Next, add the song, the title, speed up or slow down the speed and it’s all done. Once you’re done, you can share Flipagram to your Facebook , Twitter , and YouTube accounts or send it directly via email or save it to the camera roll.

Instructions for using the Flipagram application for Android

To get started, tap Create and start adding photos. Touch “Add photos” at the bottom of the screen to call up the options. You can add photos from your device’s photo album (including Shared Photos ), from your Instagram account or take photos using this app’s camera. Users are not limited to selecting photos: choose a few photos in one place, a few others elsewhere. Once you’ve selected the number of photos you want, start reordering them. Touch and drag any photo to move it to another location. To delete an image from the list, touch it and use the editing option. You can delete, duplicate or crop any photo in this section.

Once all the photos have been placed in their correct positions, touch the Next button in the top right corner of the screen. It will lead users to the refinement section. Here, you can turn off or turn on the automatic time adjustment feature of Instagram, change the speed for the slideshow, add audio, add subtitles and change the size, font of the title.

To create a slideshow that matches Instagram’s 15-second time limit, turn on “Auto Time For Instagram”. If you plan to send your Flipagram to someone, you can adjust the speed of the slideshow. Drag the slider to the right or left, depending on whether you want the image to run quickly or slowly.

If you want to add music to the slideshow, just touch the + icon right next to the Audio card. You can add any song you want in your device’s music library. It is better to choose a song whose length matches the length of the slideshow. For example, if the slideshow is 1:23 seconds long, try to find a song of the same length. In case there are not enough slides for the entire song, you can adjust the song parameters accordingly.

When selecting a song, you can adjust the start time by dragging the waveform to the right or left. Users will see the point they want to start the music file by tapping the play button on Flipagram and move the waveform down until they reach the point they want (like the chorus of the song)

You can open a title by turning on Title Display . Then add a title to Flipagram and adjust the length of time it will show on the screen in about 1 to 2 seconds. You will also be able to change the font when choosing between 350 font types or more.

After editing the title, run the Flipagram file to make sure it meets your requirements. Next, touch Finish to complete the creation. After that, users can share their Flipagram on various social networking sites. If you want to post to Instagram, this app will automatically save a version on the camera roll, then connect to your Instagram account for you to upload.

Create Flipagram in 3 easy steps :

  • Choose: Take photos from the gallery on your phone or on Instagram.
  • Create: Categorize photos, select titles, select music and set transition time.
  • Share: Share Flipagram on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, email,

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