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Flickr for Android 4.8.2 is an attractive, free online photo storage and sharing application on Android devices.

New features in the latest version

  • Add 100 GB of free storage – automatically upload all and your videos on your camera roll on Flick. They are completely private, only if you choose to share them with others.
  • Improved view of timeline view with browser, organization and sharing
  • Flickr innovates with an elegant, friendly interface that suits your photo and video library.
  • Get creative with photo editing tools directly from your Flickr photos.

Favorite feature

  • Allows capturing everything: record stunning images and videos with easy, intuitive operations.
  • Save all: all photos are stored in the same location. Allows access to photos anytime, anywhere.
  • Advanced editing options: vivid and eye-catching photo filters, powerful photo editing tools. All are free.

Flickr for Android is the official Flickr photo sharing network app for Android, where users will be provided with a free online photo archive with a huge capacity of up to 1 TB.

In addition, as a popular and large photo community in the world, Flickr for Android allows users to share photos in full and beautiful resolution from anywhere to any device and recipient.

With a capacity of 1 TB, users can manage the equivalent of 500 thousand photos to share and enjoy with perfect original quality (the exact number is 537,731 photos with 6.5 Megapixel resolution).

Flickr for Android allows sharing photos whenever : manipulation is very simple, you only need to upload photos once, then send to any device, share on any screen, to friends or some follower.

All photos are uploaded or downloaded while maintaining the original image quality while displaying sharp.

If you are a new user of Flickr, the application allows for account registration right on your Android device .

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Key features of the Flickr for Android app:

  • Gorgeous and high resolution photo management.
  • Adjust the view anywhere.
  • Providing 16 filters designed with art.
  • Support for image editing allows users to upgrade, draw, cut, insert text or change the image form as you like.
  • Your photos will always be stored on Flickr and you are given complete control over the privacy of each uploaded photo.
  • Search and join groups, share photos and participate in discussions for each picture.
  • Discover beautiful and interesting photos from the vast Flickr community – near you or around the world.
  • Keep track of where you took your photos automatically with location tagging.

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