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With flayvr for Android, all your photos and video files will be filtered into interesting albums to keep or share with friends . Flayvr will create a link to a huge photo library or browse photos when searching for the most memorable moments in life. This app is the simplest way to relive those precious moments. Users just focus on taking photos and Flayvr will do its job and create an interactive photo and video album for each event.

Besides, Flayvr is also great on tablets:

Get ready to experience your memories just as you remember them with the new user interface specially optimized for the widescreen displays of tablet models. You will definitely enjoy watching all your photos and videos on the big screen, by portrait or panorama display.

How Flayvr works:

  • Flayvr recognizes photos and videos taken during the same event and builds its own library.
  • Your Timeline Flayvr automatically displays albums, filters by time and location, and even automatically adds titles for events.
  • Share all the moments with just a simple tap to send Email, Google+ , Twitter , Facebook and SMS.
  • With Flayvr, users receive:
  • Hours of fun: Rediscover all the photos and videos you’ve forgotten from all the albums.
  • Simple: Add photos and videos to albums and hide them if you don’t like them.
  • Share: Share the whole album with just one click: Private or on any social network.
  • Intuitive: Choose how to view photos and videos.
  • Photos and videos: Play videos in the background while viewing photos of events.

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Additional features:

  • Take photos with Android camera and watch directly on Flayvr.
  • View photos full screen with the built-in image player.
  • View photos and videos in parallel. It is as if you always wanted your library to be able to do so.
  • Very easy to use – scan the entire library in just a second.
  • The library will be automatically assigned titles based on events in the calendar.
  • User privacy is very important. Flayvr does not copy or store your videos and photos. Only albums you choose to share with friends and family are posted.

Flayvr for Android new version update:

Flayvr is now much better with the following updates:

  • Get notified when new Flayvr albums are created from your photos and videos. Users can turn this feature on or off at any time in the Settings screen.
  • View Flayvr albums shared by other users right in the app.
  • Easily delete shared albums.
  • Lots of improvements in operability and error correction.

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