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In the beginning, you’re greeted with soothing music, with a nice menu. You make a new character. You choose its color, control scheme, and name. You can have as many characters as you want, with 1 or 2 downloads at a time. You can go to selected screen level. Only one area is unlocked. Go there, select the first level (each level has its own icon) and it will tell you how to play. It’s not just everything, it spreads the directions on through all 10 levels of the area.

Once completed, you unlock the next area. You also unlock the statistics page. You continue through the game, and learn more things (you learn things in the last area: P) and unlock new modes, including a ring builder that allows custom background and music . With a total of 80 levels and a 2.5 game mode, you’ll be busy for a while on Flail.

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