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First Aid Mod is an important Minecraft Mod , creating new health systems and dividing into different parts in the Minecraft world.

Mỗi bộ phận trên cơ thể sẽ có chỉ số Health riêng
Each part of the body will have its own Health Index

In Minecraft First Aid Mod , armor is used to protect wounds. Mod also introduces Debuff feature to make life more difficult. This index may be constant.

The goal of the mod is to upgrade the Health system in the original game. It adds “part system” to all parts of the character such as the legs, hands, head, and body, each have their own Health indicators.

Features of First Aid Mod

Health System:

  • The old Health bar is replaced with 8 different Health zones, so Head, Body, Legs and Feet have their own Health bar.
  • The Mod will disable the original Health creation mode. This effect is maintained until you remove the mod. Can be changed in the config file or enter the hand: / gamerule naturalRegeneration true.
  • Heal wounds by using bandages or castings. When you right-click them in the repository, you will open the GUI to select the desired device. The character will die as soon as the Head or Body indicator reaches 0.

Khôi phục sức khỏe với hiệu ứng
Restore health with effects

Debuff indicator:

  • The current Debuff index may apply when your limbs are injured. For example, when your foot is damaged, you will have a slow Debuff, when your head is injured, the unseen effect and / or nausea will apply for a short time.
  • The entire debuff is controlled by morphine. When you use morphine, the debuff is not applied even when activated, but when the effect is over, the debuff will return.


The use of armor will also change. When the foot hurts, only the armor for the leg will be effective. But because the armor value of the typical helmet is much lower than the armor plate, this value will increase to multiple. Therefore, armor for head and body is very important if you want to maintain survival.

Công thức chế tạo đơn giản trong First Aid Mod
Simple recipe in First Aid Mod


  • You can heal the body by using gauze or a cast (just right-click), or use another item in the original game (if activated in the config file), maybe even heal yourself heal. In bad conditions, the debuff is applied or if unfortunately, the character will die when the index of some important body parts drops to 0. The effects (except for death) are controlled by the mirphine in within 5 to 7 minutes.
  • The default mod will disable health regeneration in the original game. This effect remains on forever unless you remove the mod. Users can change in the config file or enter / gamerule naturalRegeneration true.

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