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Firefox Private Network is a new virtual private network tool introduced by Firefox in Beta. It is expected that Firefox Private Network will be integrated in the company ‘s web browser , providing an unlimited browsing experience, convenient but still safe for users.

Note: currently, the Firefox Private Network is only supported for users in the US.

Firefox Private Network – VPN virtual service for Firefox

Protect users from hidden costs when using free WiFi

WiFi connection is free and open for all users, but also means that it opens the door for … hackers. Firefox Private Network is an extension for PC users, helping to protect the connection whenever you use Firefox. You can sign up for the free trial of Firefox Private Network Beta.

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Encrypt the browser from eavesdropping services

Private Network by Firefox will encrypt the web address you visit. It blocks eavesdropping services on public WiFi networks so they can’t track your activity.

Limit websites and advertising channels to learn about you

Advertising channels often track your online activity based on location. The Firefox Private Network will block websites and advertising channels from tracking your location to limit the way they learn about users.

How to use Firefox Private Network:

Start by adding the Firefox Private Network add-on to Firefox and signing in to your personal Firefox account. Then use the Firefox browser as usual. Your online activities will be encrypted and sent through a proxy service provided by partner Cloudflare.

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