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Fire Words

With this game, you can search for as many words as possible when you connect the letters on the board. During each round, the letters get warmer, so you shouldn’t wait too long to use them. By forming longer words, you get a cold letter that doesn’t get heated and makes it easier to play the game.

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When you get stuck, you can use the method of shuffling the letters. However, be careful: Every time you use this method, your score will be deducted. So use this option wisely.

Fire Words is really a great dictionary with over 70,000 words and you can see your progress through the highscore list. Besides, this game is also suitable when you want to have a short break: You can stop playing the game at any time to continue later.

This new version has 1.2

  • A new level system with increased difficulty
  • Add bonus points for speed
  • With higher levels, shuffling the letter will also heat it up
  • Filter the frequency of occurrence of letters.

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