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Fire Heroes for Android is a unique role-playing game that combines the best features of both MMORPG and CCG (card collection).

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Choose a strong warrior, gradually become a legend and save the future! Fire Heroes is where the exciting adventures begin!

The plot of the game Fire Heroes for Android

The wonderful kingdom of Kairasia is waiting for you to discover! Start an exciting adventure, rally your own phantom army, defeat dungeon monsters and many tough opponents in PvP events!

Fire Heroes for Android is the perfect combination of the best features of two completely different genres: CCG games (collectible cards) and classic role-playing games. Players will travel to the Kairasia peninsula and free this place from the domination of Archdemon Melantir. Kairasia is not only inhabited by humans, but also by goblins, dwarves, demons and dragons. This world has been familiar with magic since ancient times.

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The era of fire heroes began after the epic battle. The chaos broke out and the supreme demon tried to turn the world into a slave with the army of monsters, subdue all creatures, even the lord of the sky. Even the dragons with the most powerful magic could not confront the demons.

But fate did not turn away from Kairasia when a great god came to help the heroes here, leaving a fiery sword. That is what the old legend tells. Many brave avengers unite against monsters and ward off evil. But this demon is preparing for its return, so Kairasia’s future is very vague and unclear.

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Salient features of the game Fire Heroes for Android

Free battle system

The tactical turn-based combat system makes the battles in Fire Heroes Android more interesting. Battles will take place in the arena, where the warriors unleash their magic power. With a deep strategy, you absolutely can win, even if it’s just a long-range punch. Demonstrate the epic power of legions and defend the honor of legendary warriors!

Large open world

The beautiful open universe of Fire Heroes for Android will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the Kairasia Peninsula. The extensive range of maps and magic spells of the beautiful locations will satisfy your imagination – explore and enjoy the fun!

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Equipped and customized

Game Fire Heroes provides a large number of rich equipment. Each weapon has a unique appearance, which helps you adjust the skills of the character and change the way of fighting: Use vampire wings to revive fallen enemies or make enemies rush come and kill each other with crazy swords.

The arena

The arena of Fire Heroes for Android is where the elders of Kairasia called Endless miracle Valley. You can challenge other players in 1v1 and 3v3 battles online. Remember, power alone cannot win. You must carefully calculate each of your moves and timing the right time to beat the opponent.

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Replica copy

Fire Heroes Android has multiple dungeon options with teleportation options. Build your squad and sweep the dungeons together. Demonstrate the incredible power of fate! Devil’s hideout awaits you, brave hero.


The Fire Heroes game quest part integrates the best features of all free MMORPGs today! Players will participate in many epic missions with different decisions. All your choices will influence the world and its history, as well as determine the rewards and reputation you receive from the NPC.

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Gamers can team up with friends to fight together in Fire Heroes . To win, you will have to develop effective team tactics. Unite the summoners to protect Kairasia! War will be more fun if you fight together!


Build your own legion, help your teammates advance, join the guild war and win the hero symbol as proof of your strength. Take the first place on the online ranking and get epic prizes! Step by step to become the most powerful hero and help your army become invincible!

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