Download FileZilla Server for Windows

FileZilla Server is free and open source software that allows you to create and configure your own FTP Server. With FileZilla Server, you have the ability to customize FTP Server very strongly, allowing you to manually set ports, set passwords, create (unlimited) and customize users, groups, have anti-fxp / bounce attack mode, run multi-threaded, secure with SSL, automatically ban users, set speed limits …

Download FileZilla Server for Windows 1
Download FileZilla Server to download and manage the file server efficiently.

FileZilla Server is very suitable for people working in the field of web design, use it to upload website after finishing designing on server or use to backup web data more conveniently.

New feature in FileZilla Server file management application

New feature:

  • Rearrange the “Connect to Server” dialog box and add some useful labels.

Bug fixes and some minor changes:

  • Updated OpenSSL1.0.2h.

Some key features of FileZilla Server

  • Efficient file server management.
  • Absolutely confidential account information and settings for users.
  • Suitable for programmers in the field of web design to upload websites to servers or to back up web data …
  • Set connection port, account, password, customize user, set speed limit.

The main window of FileZilla Server displays the log file, notifying the exact activity taking place on the service, regardless of whether the user is referring to a connection, switch or other task.

The most important part of FileZilla Server is configuration. It has 3 main parts: “Setup”, “Users” and “Groups”, each with its own installation package.

From the ” Setting ” section, users can change everything related to the server, including IP links, IP filters, passive security mode, security tools, log files, admin interface, gender. Speed limits, auto ban, SSL, TLS settings and file compression.

The ” User ” and ” Group ” sections are dedicated to account settings with specialized tools related to shared folders, speed limits and IP filtering.

Download FileZilla Server for Windows 2

FileZilla Server does not occupy too much CPU, RAM and quietly located on the System Tray. It is a reliable FTP server download and management solution that administrators should add to the list. FileZilla Server is designed quite simply, the integrated features on the main window help users easily manipulate and use. So download FileZilla Server to download and manage File Server more conveniently from now on.

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