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FIFA Soccer: Beta for Android is a trial version of the football management game FIFA 20. Although FIFA 20 has not been officially launched, you can try this Beta version to practice, build a superior team. , collect player cards and of course take part in dramatic matches with real teams.

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Electronic Arts is a famous game developer with top football games such as FIFA 16 Ultimate Team , FIFA 15 Ultimate Team , EA SPORTS FIFA 16 Companion and especially FIFA series on PC. This year, the mobile version of FIFA 20 will bring more profound changes than previous versions, including a new graphics system that significantly improves the visual part. And in preparation for this highly anticipated launch, the EA developer decided to release a Beta for Android devices called the FIFA Soccer Beta . Now you can play games without geographical restrictions.

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The control system in FIFA Soccer: Beta for Android sports game is perfectly adjusted for the touch screen. With your left finger, you can guide any player to control the ball on the field, and with the right finger, you will perform a number of different offensive and defensive techniques. Touch a player on the team or on an empty spot on the field to pass the ball, slide your finger on the screen to shoot the ball, and by pressing the right button, you will control the player to sprint and dribble.

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When starting to play FIFA Soccer Beta Android , gamers will need to undergo a number of training courses, but once completed, you can start playing immediately and build a team of your own. Every time you complete a training session and a match, you will receive a new player card to add to the collection.

FIFA Soccer: Beta is a great test version of the latest FIFA game for Android. Even in this Beta version, the game also has great graphics, a neat and elegant interface, almost no different from the PC and console versions.

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Salient features of the game FIFA Soccer Beta for Android

Many attractive game modes

Enjoy 11v11 matches with other players through Vs Attack and Head to Head mode, or compete with AI to earn valuable rewards.

Global rankings

Complete goals, earn points and receive rewards every 6 hours based on your OVR ratings and every 7 days based on your global ranking.

Special points in Beta

  • Your players cannot level up, but when you get new players, you can swap cards to optimize and improve your team.
  • Chemistry, Perks, Skill Boosts, Leveling and some filters will be disabled.
  • Stores and Transfer Markets will not be available in Beta.
  • All your assets in the game will be available from the current FIFA mobile season, including kits, shoes, balls and gloves.
  • Progress and rewards will not be transferred to the current or upcoming season.
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  • FIFA Soccer Beta for Android requires a stable Internet connection to play.
  • The game requires the acceptance of the Electronic Arts Developer Privacy & Cookies Policy and the User Agreement.
  • The app contains ads, direct links to websites and social networks for people over 13.
  • Log out of Game Center before installing if you don’t want to share your game with your friends.
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