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Fenophoto for Android is an automatic photo editing application developed by Alessandro Lazzara & Beniamino Ferrari. With just one touch, the app will help you eliminate most common defects of any digital photo such as blur, underexposed, …

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Fenophoto app works with powerful algorithms used in video recovery technology with sophisticated regeneration techniques. Just like PicsArt Photo Studio , Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC or Photo Wonder – Collage Maker , this photo processing application also offers you a collection of pre-set filters, so anyone can upgrade. quality photos without a lot of photography knowledge.

Salient features of Fenophoto application for Android

With Feno Photo app for Android , you can choose from the following 11 photo editing modes:

  • Default: This is the default feature for most filters, designed to handle the most common errors.
  • Nature: Sometimes, the default mode will cause editing errors with photos with natural themes, in this case, users can switch to Nature mode.
  • Denoise: Recommended if you only want to remove image noise (other filters are not applicable).
  • Highlight: Used to highlight the object you want, such as the sun, the fire, …
  • Person: Use this mode for photos taken with people, especially selfies.
  • Red eyes: Recommended for selfies with red-eye effects.
  • Color: Features similar to the default mode, but will produce images with more vivid colors.
  • Change color: Mainly applies Gamma calibration algorithm.
  • Deblur: Using powerful technologies, allowing the restoration of blurred details.
  • High Deblur: Used for images with a high degree of blur.
  • Custom: With this mode, you can activate your favorite filters. Custom can create higher brightness and sharpness.

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FenoPhoto for Android application has a variety of photo editing and processing modes

Filters in the Fenophoto application for Android

Each editing mode in Feno Photo Android is made up of a set of pre-set filters. The developer advises users not to modify them, but use Custom to configure their favorite filters:

  • Auto Levels: Apply automatic levels. You can increase the strength of the filter with values from 0.5 to 3.0, or choose between 4 different algorithms.
  • Adjust color (Gamma): Apply a color management filter. In most cases, this filter will identify the right color, however, it may also be defective.
  • Denoise: In the case of image noise, this filter automatically applies the Noise Reduction feature.
  • Remove red eyes: This filter automatically detects red eyes and corrects them. User can set the value range from 1.5 to 3.0.
  • Reduce high light: This filter can correct areas of high light in the image, such as the flash. You can choose between Low / Medium / High profiles as you like. However, this filter should only be used in emergencies as the image after repairing may be corrupted.
  • Sharp: This is a filter that helps to sharpen the image. You can select the desired sharpness level between Low / Medium / High.
  • Deblur (Fuzzy correction): Users can reduce and delete Deblur with this filter in the value range from 0 to 100.
  • Adjustments: Adjust color, saturation, brightness and contrast in the image.

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Fenophoto App for Android provides users with a diverse and rich photo filter


  • Fenophoto application allows you to save and share photos that have been processed on social networking sites such as Facebook , Twitter , ….
  • Feno Photo app requires a stable Internet connection to use.
  • Because Fenophoto uses complex algorithms to automatically upgrade your images, the application needs to upload photos to the developer’s server, once processed, these photos will be sent to your phone. friend.

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