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If you have ever loved Fast Game, the Fast Game is more attractive by adding many Mini Games such as Chasing words, Game AA, Wooden jumping game …

Faster is a brain-damaging fun puzzle game that brings you refreshing smiles after studying and working hard. Each game in Faster has a yellow board for players to register with, compete against other players.

Faster provides 4 attractive Minigames

Fast As Fast – Fast as Fast

For those who love Fast Lightning – Fast Lightning TV, now enjoy the experience on your mobile phone. With over 1000 questions, updated regularly will help you gain new knowledge and increase sensitivity.

Chasing Pictures Catching Letters

With a given image, you have to think to find out the true meaning of the photo. Similar to the game Chasing shape and capture words , Tao knows all you must have a deep understanding of all areas of life, to quickly find the answer.

Game AA

Game AA, also known as Ball Shoot Game, brings 1200 levels with increasing difficulty. Initially you will have many marbles, your task is to shoot those marbles into a large circle, but do not shoot at the marbles located on that circle or you will lose. Safely shooting all the marbles into the circle will win.

Wooden jumping game

Just hop on a board that flies back and forth safely to score points, the more boards you jump, the more points you’ll get. In addition, the game also has a lot of characters waiting for you to unlock. To unlock these characters, you must earn a lot of gold. Gold comes when you jump on a piece of gold or watch a video to receive a reward.

So what are you waiting for, hurry and download Faster to solve the extremely brain-damaging puzzles, test your knowledge!

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